Elder Miller & Elder Peterson EMPTY CLASSROOM

Elder Miller has been keeping tabs on Elder Peterson from his first [More]

Elder Peterson gets on his knees and touches the other boy’s rock-hard body through his shirt. With trembling hands, he undoes Miller’s belt and slides his pants and underwear down to reveal his hard cock. Peterson takes it all in his mouth.

He can tastes the precum leaking from his dick. Miller closes his eyes and thinks about how good it’s going to feel to slide his tool into the boy’s tight little hole.

Elder Foster & Elder Peterson WORKOVER EXCHANGE

Elder Peterson can feel Elder Foster’s Mormon missionary cock throbbing [More]

Elder Foster can feel his balls getting heavy, and he feels the hot tingling sensation building in his body. He knows his heavy balls are ready to unload, and he pulls out briefly so he can watch the cum shoot out of his dick.



Elder Foster & Elder Peterson   WORKOVER

Elder Foster has been secretly experimenting with his trainer, and he’s heard [More]

The way he asks this question leads Elder Peterson to suspect he already knows, and likely found out via his trainer, Elder Miller (one of the APs). This makes the boy blush, but he looks Elder Foster in the eye and says the mission president asked him not to tell anyone what he did.

“If you told the president,” Elder Foster says, “it can’t be that bad.” Elder Peterson considers stonewalling, but then he just admits it. “I gave my companion a blow job.”

“Is that all?”

Elder Peterson smiles. Elder Foster can see the outline of his boner through his garments. “I had him inside me.”

Elder Foster imagines the boy’s tight butthole, and he’s eager to stick his wet dick in it. The head of his cock is dripping wet.

“How would you like to have me inside of you?”

Elder Isaacs & President Woodruff   MISSIONARY CHECKUP

Elder Isaacs is a handsome Mormon jock who has been having a little trouble [More]

The kid seems totally sheltered, but President Woodruff knows that he can use his authority to convince the boy to spread his legs, and that once he gets a probe in there, the boy is going to love it.

Elder Isaacs has spent lots of time in locker rooms, so he isn’t shy about his body at all. He strips naked when the doctor asks him to, puts his feet in the cold metal stirrups, and lets the doctor finger his hole. The lube is cold, and at first the fingering is a little painful. But almost immediately the pain turns to pleasure.

He trusts the older man implicitly, and when first one probe and then another, and then another make their way into his butt, he can’t keep his dick from getting hard. The pleasure in his ass is like nothing he has ever felt before. He asks if it’s ok if he plays with himself, and the doctor smiles and gives him permission. Then he pulls out an enormous butt plug.

Very few of the missionaries he sees can fit this one in their boy-holes, but he has a feeling that this Mormon boy will be up to the challenge. And he hopes that with the help of this last toy, he’ll be able to milk a load of cum out of the boy’s hard cock…

Elder Peterson & President Wilcox   Demonstration

When athletic, blonde Elder Peterson was called on a mission, he wondered [More]

It felt amazing to have his companion’s tight hole wrapped around his cock, but afterwards he was overcome with guilt. Typical for a Mormon boy, his pleasure directly correlated to his guilt. He couldn’t stop thinking about it, and he knew that he had to confess to the mission president.

Fortunately, President Wilcox already knows about Elder Butler. The Missionary Training Center sent him a letter before Elder Butler was assigned to his mission letting him know that one of the new missionaries he’d be getting was a gay missionary — and President Wilcox responded that had no problem with that.

When Elder Butler told President Wilcox that he was attracted to his companion, he also shared some interesting facts. Elder Peterson apparently has a giant cock. Naturally President Wilcox wants to wrap his lips around the boy’s big tool. So when Elder Peterson tells him that he had sex with his companion, the mission president tells him to show him exactly what he did…

Elders Butler, Peterson, & Brother Samuels   SHOWER UP

When Brother Samuels took a nap at the missionary apartment, he used [More]

Elder Peterson loves the sight of his companion’s exposed ass hole, taint, and dangling ballsack so much, he can’t help but press his face into his companions ass crack and enjoy his ass hole.

While Elder Butler puts the older man’s thick veiny cock into his mouth, his companion kneels on the floor of the tub and spreads his ass so he can properly rim.

Looking at these two boys in the shower, Brother Samuels realizes he would be content as a voyeur. He’s not about to turn down a blow job, of course. And frankly, he’d happily peg either or both of these boys given the opportunity.

While his companion is worming his tongue deeper and deeper into his ass, Elder Butler works more and more of Brother Samuels’ substantial dick down his throat.

As the older man slowly runs his hands over Butler’s youthful body, his hand finds the boys dick, which is now leaking copious amounts of precum. Getting jacked and rimmed while sucking a huge dick, Elder Butler moans with pleasure around Brother Samuels’s dick.

Elder Peterson loves how soft his companion’s flesh feels against his tongue. He works his tongue deep into his companion…he really wants to make sure his companion’s hole is well lubricated.

Elder Peterson thoroughly wets Elder Butler’s insides and stuffs his dick up his companion’s hole…

Elders Berry, Titov, & Bishop Angus   EXIT INTERVIEW

Elder Titov’s long ordeal is coming to an end. He was invited to join The Order [More]

He liked attention from other boys during his childhood. His washboard abs drew admiration from his classmates and teachers, and their interest in his body was thrilling. Of course, showing off for others lead to a few special friendships.

And then, just before his mission, he jerked off with another boy after track practice in the school locker room, and things got a little carried away. He felt horribly guilty about it and worried it might keep him from qualifying to serve a mission.

The same was not true for Elder Berry. He also had a string of special friendships in school, at church, and in scouts. He had done everything just shy of topping or bottoming with another guy. But he never felt guilty or worried about it.

Getting the guys around him out of their clothes, that was always on his mind. And just recently in his previous companionship with Elder Stewart, he took things to a new level. The two experienced the pleasure of having a prostate.

And he loved it.

So unsurprisingly, when Elder Titov asked him to stand in proxy, to get fucked by the bishop on his behalf during his exit interview, Elder Berry eagerly agreed.

Elders Butler, Peterson, & Brother Samuels   SIESTA

A few weeks ago, Elder Butler, a cute Mormon missionary, interrupted his companion [More]

Both of the missionaries are secretly pleased that they’ll be able to cuddle unseen and possibly even fool around without him noticing.

It’s not that they aren’t interested in the older man. He’s sexy enough. He’s got such a deep voice, and he’s so serious and stern, and he’s got such big hands, which made Elder Peterson think he must also have a big, thick cock.

Peterson didn’t have to wonder for long. A few weeks ago Brother Samuels showed up in Elders Quorum in a new European cut suit. It added a lot of clarity to what he was packing. Since then, the elders can’t help looking at his obviously large basket instead of his face when they have conversations with him at church.

So obviously last week, while staring of the outline of his plump dickhead snaked down his pant leg, when he asked if they needed any help they quickly agreed to have him along for member visits.

And frankly, although neither of them says it out loud, they both have fantasized about crawling into bed with him, if only to get their hands on his impressive organ. They know it’s wrong…gay Mormon sex is taboo. But that hasn’t stopped them from acting on their desires so far.

Each of them take off suit and tie, covertly looking at one another as they do so. Once the boys’ are stripped to their garments, Elder Peterson notices that Elder Butler’s penis is hard, and he hopes Brother Samuels doesn’t notice. But Brother Samuels doesn’t stop at his garments — he gets completely naked, and the boys gape at his muscular, hairy chest, his big arms, and his meaty dick.

Brother Samuels can’t take his eyes off the boys’ bodies, Elder Butler’s skinny frame and Elder Peterson’s ripped torso. As he climbs up to his bunk, he’s already starting to sport a boner.

The two boys crawl in to the bottom bunk and immediately start to cuddle. Elder Peterson grabs his companion’s dick and strokes it gently. Elder Butler moans. The boys think they’re being sneaky, but Brother Samuels hears everything, and when he discovers that there is an opening between the slats in his bunk, he lowers his boner down to the boys. Neither of them has ever seen such a fat dick before, and they lick and suck it, hesitantly at first, and then eagerly, both of them competing to milk out a huge load of cum…

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