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Elder Miller gets a special interview with the Mission President! [More]


Patriarch Smith is administering a stern disciplinary action to Elder Titov [More]

The patriarch works over the boy’s hole with the toy, twisting it and probing. With his legs in the air, all the blood is rushing to Elder Titov’s head and it makes him feel dizzy and horny. The head of the toy just barely fits in his hole, and every time the patriarch presses down he gasps. The missionary balances himself with a hand as his ass gets punished.

Now that the boy has been loosened up, the patriarch pulls him to his feet and bends him over a bench. The boy’s body is flawless, lean and muscular and smooth. The patriarch gropes his ass, then puts his hand between his legs and tugs on the boy’s hard dick. He’s not being gentle. He wraps his big hand around the shaft and yanks on it. Elder Titov tries to stand up but the patriarch holds him down with his other hand. He plays with the head of the boy’s cock, then strokes his dick. With him positioned like this, the man can see the boy’s tight little butthole tighten as he enjoys the hand job. The boy moans loudly. He can tell the man wants to milk the cum out of him, but he doesn’t want to cum too early.

The patriarch can hear the boy is getting close. He spanks the boy’s ass hard. Elder Titov is surprised and his whole body tenses. He spanks him again. And again. He can feel the boys cock get thicker and harder, aching to shoot a load of cum on the floor. The missionary grabs the legs of the bench and groans as he feels the load coming. Patriarch Smith slaps his ass and tug harder as a big load of cum shoots from the boy’s dick into a small silver bowl on the floor. The patriarch picks the bowl up and smears the hot semen on the naked boy’s face and chest.




After being tied up, stripped naked, used and abused, Elder Titov was dropped off [More]

Titov explains that in addition to all the physical pain inflicted on him, he was also forced to masturbate. The patriarch asks him if he was able to cum, and the boy admits that he did. Despite the pain and humiliation, he couldn’t help but get aroused.

Elder Titov leaves the room while the Council discusses the boy, and when he returns they sentence him to disciplinary action to help him repent for his sins. Which is why today, he is presented to Patriarch Smith, who will administer the punishment.

Alone in a room in the Mission Home, Patriarch Smith gropes the Mormon boy through his clothes. Elder Titov is silent, allowing the older man to take off his jack and tie, to unbutton his shirt. Elder Titov is worried that he is going to get in trouble again. “Are you sure this is ok?”

“Here at the mission home, you follow my lead,” the patriarch tells him. Elder Titov watches the patriarch closely as he spreads his shirt open and runs his hands over Titov’s hard, beautiful chest and belly. The man’s big hands are strong but gentle. He removes the boy’s shirt and strokes his chest. His dark nipples show through the sheer garments, and the boy puts his hands on the man’s arms as he lifts the garment to admire his rock-hard abs.

“Did you enjoy what they did to you?” the patriarch asks. Elder Titov says no. “None of it? Really?” He continues to play with the boy’s body as he waits for an answer.

“They told me I had to.”

“Had to what?”

“Get hard and cum.” Just talking about the experience is turning the boy on. His dick is starting to get hard, and he hopes the patriarch won’t notice.

“But you only cum if you like it,” says the patriarch, unzipping the boy’s pants and sliding them to the floor. The boy’s garment bottoms are tight, and he can’t hide his big bulge. The patriarch sits down and bends the missionary over his knees. He takes a good, long look at the boy’s muscled back and his firm, round ass. He’s really going to enjoy punishing this handsome young man. He massages the boy’s butt and elicits a little moan from the elder. He slips a hand between the boy’s legs and plays with his dick and balls.

And then he gives the ass a solid spank. The boy clenches his butt. The patriarch slaps it again, harder. And then harder. As the spanking because more intens, so do the boy’s moans. He buries his face in the couch. His ass stings, but he loves the feeling. And at least as much as he likes the physical sensation, he likes being at the mercy of the strong, older man.

Patriarch Smith pulls down the missionary’s garment bottoms a little to reveal his white ass, which is turning red where has has spanked it. He runs his hands over the red welts, and then smacks it again. The boy lies there submissively as the man takes off his pants and slides his garments to the floor. Stripped completely naked, Elder Titov feels the older man open his legs and start to toy with his ass. With two fingers he spreads the boy’s butt and places his thumb on the boy’s tight butthole. The boy is trying not to get a boner, but the stimulation is getting to him. The head of his dick is very sensitive, and he’s dripping precum on the couch.

The patriarch swings the boy around so that his hands are on the floor and his ass is on the patriarch’s lap. He wants to get a better look at the boy’s butthole. He uses his big hands to spread the boy’s ass and watch him clench his hole. Then he strokes the outside of his butthole with a thumb. Toying with the boy’s ass like this has given the man a giant erection, which the boy can feel pressing into his leg. The patriarch starts slapping him again, and the boy has to tighten his fists into balls to endure it.

The patriarch flips him over upsidedown on his back, legs in the air. In this position, the boy feels completely powerless. His dick and balls dangle above his face. The patriarch reaches for the oil, and uses it to lube up a big black dildo. The boy touches his cock and tries not to worry…

Elder Parker & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION PART 2

Elder Parker and Bishop Angus are in a sacred and fairly secret room in the temple, [More]

It aches, but he grits his teeth and lets the bishop thrust a couple of times. As his ass becomes familiar with getting used, the pain goes away. Bishop Angus spreads his legs and he feels his hole widen even further. And then the bishop falls down on top of him,, hugging him tight as his dick slides in and out of his ass.

Bishop Angus pulls out and brings the boy up for a kiss. The boy’s warm dick is pressed against his belly. He gives it a couple of tugs, but what he wants is the boy’s hole. He makes Elder Parker kneel on the couch and pop his ass in the air. This time when he slides his cock into that hungry hole, it’s total pleasure. The boy’s jaw drops and he moans loudly. He can’t believe a dick can go so deep into him. He feels like it’s poking him in the stomach. He buries his face in his arm, and the bishop strokes his back and his leg. Elder Parker turns around for a long kiss as the bishop warms up his ass.

Bishop Angus pushes the boy facedown on the couch and starts to ride him harder. Elder Parker goes red in the face and breathes harder. He could ride that cock forever. And the fact that he is getting fucked inside the holy temple makes his dick throb. Bishop Angus can tell from his breathing that he wants to get fucked hard, so he flips him onto his back again and puts his dick in balls deep. He fucks him harder, watching the boy’s eyes widen as he gets pounded. The bishop lets himself go, driving his cock into the willing ass harder and harder. Then he pulls the boy’s ass up into the air and gets right up on top of him, hammering his cock straight down into the missionary curled up in a ball. The bishop’s full weight presses him down into the couch. He feels like his brain is melting.

Bishop Angus loves fucking submissive Mormon missionary boys. He is completely turned on, but he doesn’t want to cum quite yet. So he lies down and lets the missionary ride his cock. Elder Parker climbs eagerly on top of him and squats on his dick. He bounces up and down on it, every muscle in his lean body flexing as he works the bishop’s cock into every inch of his butt. Bishop Angus grabs the boy’s round butt as his crack rocks back and forth on his cock. Both of them are moaning now, and Elder Parker makes out with the bishop. He’s never felt so connected to another person as he does kissing the man with his dick stuffed up his ass.

Elder Parker can see how much pleasure he’s giving Bishop Angus, so he sits up straight and jackhammers his ass on the man’s cock. The bishop grunts and uses his hands to force the boy to move faster. He wants to reward the boy for working so hard, so he tosses him on his back and shoves his dick in. The boy’s hole is warm, wet and open to him now. He presses himself in and grabs the boy’s head with both hands. Their faces and bodies rub against one another, and the bishop’s ass tenses as he pounds the boy. They’re sandwiched together, and the bishop can feel himself getting close. He uses his arms to lift himself up and fucks the boy hard, and at the last second pulls out and shoots a huge load of white cum all over the boy’s belly and chest.

Elder Parker has fallen onto the floor and the bishop has to help him back up to slide his cum-drenched dick back into the boy’s hole. Suddenly the boy’s ass feels tight again, and he gives a pained little gasp as he’s pierced. The bishop gets a little more cum off the boy’s belly, anoints the head of his cock, and puts it back into him. They stand up and kiss, and then the missionary puts his mouth on every inch of the man’s chest before cleaning the cum off his cock with his tongue.


Elder Roberts stretches out his tight hole on the sadistic priesthood stretcher [More]

“Elder Roberts, you’re here today in preparation for your initiation into the priesthood,” Patriarch Smith says. “This is the priesthood stretcher. I’m going to begin by asking you to remove your clothes and move down the priesthood stretcher, one at a time. Let me be clear: the farther down you get on the priesthood stretcher, the less harsh your punishment will be when the disciplinary council meets. I want to see what you’re capable of.”

Elder Roberts is silent. He’s always horny and loves having sex, but he’s never put on a show for anyone before. And he doesn’t know how far down the bench he can go. From the look of those big stretchers, he doesn’t think he’ll make it far. But he’s afraid of what punishment might be in store, and he really wants to impress Patriarch Smith, so he’s determined to suck it up and go as far as he can.

As he removes his shirt, the patriarch gets a good look at his big hands and muscular arms, and then enjoys the sight of the stud’s hard body through his sheer garments. The boy casually steps out of his pants and stands there in his garments. His fat dick is just visible. He hesitates a moment, then asks, “And the garments?” Patriarch Smith can’t help smiling. Of course he wants the boy completely naked.

As Elder Roberts lifts the garment top over his head, every muscle in his torso flexes. In one smooth motion, he pulls down his garment bottoms. His fat cock bounces as he steps free of them. Now that he’s completely naked, he stands tall and puts his hands behind his back. He even flexes a little, eager for the older man’s approval. Which he has, though the patriarch doesn’t show it.

“I wanna see you stroke yourself,” says Patriarch Smith. “Get hard.”

It’s not difficult for the boy to get hard. He’s totally turned on by the situation. He tugs on his long, thick, uncut cock, and in a few moments he is sporting a fat boner. He puts some consecrating oil on it, then grips the base of his cock and gives it a few shakes. The patriarch is getting hard, too, and he shifts his boner in his pants. He stands up, puts some oil oil in his hand, and rubs it on the boy’s thighs, his belly, and his chest, pinching his rigid nipples. The boy’s cock is now rock hard as he strokes it.

At the patriarch’s command, the boy lubricates the first peg and then oils up his ass. Then he steps over the bench and slowly works his way down on the first peg. He moans as he feels it pressing into his tight hole. He’s not quite ready for it, and he grits his teeth as he forces it in. Once it’s in, though, it feels wonderful, if intense. His balls rest on the cold bench, and his hard cock jerks up toward his belly. He rides the peg for a few seconds, stroking his dick and moaning. And then it’s on to the next peg. He stands up and there’s a little pool of oil where he has been sitting. He lubes up the next peg, then slides down on it. It’s a little easier this time, now that he’s warmed up, and he relishes the head pushing it’s way into his anus. He slides all the way down on it. He waits for the patriarch to tell him to move on. He is both eager to move on and scared of the next peg. The patriarch makes him wait a little while, his ass wrapped around the peg, before telling him to move on. He stands up — the feeling of the peg sliding out of his ass is almost as intense as it going in.

He struggles with the next peg. He pushes down on it but he can’t commit. It takes him a few tries for his ass to open up and accept the thing into him. But then he gets it. He shuts his eyes and sits down hard. The patriarch gives him a little encouragement, wondering how far down the board the boy will make it.

“When you’re ready, move on to the next peg,” he says.

“I don’t know if I can,” says Elder Roberts. He’s too ashamed to look the patriarch in the eye.

“The farther you get now, the less you’ll be punished later…”

Resigned, the boy stands up and grabs the next peg with his hand, feeling out just how big it is. He hovers over the peg, rubbing the head against his wet hole. His two meaty cheeks are spread wide, and he pushes down gently. As the fat head of the peg forces its way up into him, he lets out a loud gasp and freezes. His hands are clenched and he waits to feel his butt stretch. Slowly the peg slides up into him. It’s more than he has ever had inside of him, and he’s amazed at the sensation. His balls are tingling, and the head of his cock feels too tender almost to touch.

The patriarch can tell the boy wants more, so he tells him to move to the next peg. He only has two left, now. He’s starting to think he might make it all the way, though that last plug is terrifyingly massive. He lowers himself down on the second to last peg, and even though his hole has been loosened, it’s torture to sit on it. He grunts and takes a deep breath, and the head of the peg presses hard against his asshole. But it’s just too big. He stands up and admits he can’t do it.

“Sit back down on the previous peg,” he’s told. He lowers himself back down on this peg, which hurts more now that he has punished his ass on that huge peg. He tells the patriarch that he can’t do this one either. The patriarch smiles. “I guess you’re going to have a big punishment coming your way. Sit down on the previous peg and jerk off until you cum.”

Elder Roberts settles down on the peg, and it feels much easier now, a little less pain and a lot more pleasure. His balls are aching to cum. He rides the peg, working its head against the outside of his anus and then against the inside of his ass. He clenches his butt and strokes his dick hard. He puts a hand behind him and leans back, grinding the peg into him. The room is silent except the sound of him jerking his lubed dick and his loud breathing. His face is screwed up in ecstasy, his mouth wide open. As he gets close, he rubs the head of his dick. He puts a hand on the peg in front of him and pictures the patriarch’s cock. He imagines that it’s the patriarch’s cock up his ass, and that send him over the edge. He shoots his cum on his slick belly and stands slowly. He hopes he did a good job.

“Get your clothes,” says the patriarch, excite. “I’ll meet you in the shower.”

Elder Parker & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION PART 1

When Elder Parker arrives at the temple with his companion [More]

Bishop Angus smiles, excited to get his big bear hands on the young missionary’s hot body. “What we are doing today is more important and more sacred than the second anointing.” And then the bishop leans forward and puts his hand on the missionary’s face. Elder Parker closes his eyes and Bishop Angus kisses him on the mouth. Elder Parker is surprised, but he kisses back hard. As the bishop pushes his tongue into the boy’s mouth, he feels butterflies in his stomach and his dick starts to get hard.

The bishop pulls the young man to his feet and starts to take his clothes off. The missionary doesn’t resist, though he’s nervous about being caught naked in the temple. Bishop Angus hasn’t explained all the details about what is going to happen, but all the boy cares about is getting kissed. As Bishop Angus undoes his shirt he keeps his face close to his priesthood leaders, stealing as many kisses as he can get. As the bishop takes off his own shirt, the boy unzips the man’s pants, then holds still as the bishop pulls his pants down and gropes his ass. The boy pulls the bishop’s body in tight.

Elder Parker feels like he’s in a dream, standing in the temple wearing nothing but his garments, making out with a hot stud. Bishop Angus gropes the Mormon boy’s hard dick. He loves how eager the boy is to kiss and touch him, as if he’s afraid he won’t get enough. The bishop pushes him down on the couch. The boy’s face is red from the rough kissing. He climbs on top of the missionary and starts to grind his cock into his belly. Elder Parker closes his eyes as he feels the fat cock pressing into his stomach. The bishop spreads his legs and Elder Parker finds himself wrapping them around the bishop’s waist. The cock is pressing through the garments against his hole, and the sensation makes the boy feel warm all over. With his eyes, he silently begs the bishop to fuck him.

And, in good time, the bishop is happy to be of service. He loves earnest and innocent boys. He slides the missionary’s hard dick out through a flap in the garments and gives him a blow job. The boy has an enormous cock, and Bishop Angus soaks it in spit and licks the sensitive head. Then he slides his own dick out, pulls the boy up, and forces him down it. The boy sucks eagerly, bobbing up and down on the man’s thick cock.

He picks the boy up, sits down, and settles him on his hips. Elder Parker reaches back and plays with his dick while the bishop sucks him. The bishop loves the taste of the boy’s young cock, and the soft hairs on his balls and belly. Getting worked up, Bishop Angus pushes the boy down on the couch and climbs on top of him. He strips the boy completely naked and grinds his ass with his cock. Then he takes both cocks in his hand and strokes them. The boy’s dick is rock hard, ready to explode. The bishop puts his fingers on the kid’s ass and applies pressure.

The young man is a natural. He lifts his hips and presents his ass to the bishop. His whole body is begging to be fucked. Bishop Angus grabs the consecrating oil and slicks up the boy’s dick. Then he gets his own dick wet as he prepares to push it up the boy’s tight ass and ordain him.

Elder Berry & Elder Titov   SNOOPING AROUND

Now that handsome, young Elders Berry and Titov are out of [More]

Elder Titov sits down. He finds all of this confusing. Elder Berry smirks. “Clearly the brethren are ok with what’s going on. Otherwise they would have come and rescued you.”

Elder Titov is silent. He has always had unshakable faith, and it’s hard for him to believe his priesthood leaders could be involved in the sadistic sexual humiliation he underwent. But he doesn’t know what to make of all these sex toys in the bishop’s office.

“You know, when I got back here to the mission home, they had me take my clothes off and used one of these on me.” He has a huge smile on his face. “I liked it.”

Elder Titov leans forward in his chair. “What do you mean, you liked it?”

Now that Elder Titov has heard about his hot companion taking a dildo up his ass, he wants to see it for himself. He can picture the boy’s tight little butthole opening up and swallowing the fat cock. His own dick is starting to get hard. Elder Berry suctions the dildo to the desk. “I’ll show you. You’ll like it too.” Elder Berry stands up and starts to take his clothes off. Elder Titov is a little shocked — the bishop could come back at any moment. Then again, the office is full of sex toys.

“What are you doing?” he hisses at Elder Berry, who just smiles and keeps going. He sets his jacket down, then takes his companion’s tie off. Elder Titov sits still, unsure what to do. He lets Elder Berry unbutton his shirt, letting his eyes travel down his chest to his crotch. Then he reaches out and pulls off his belt. Elder Berry pulls him to his feet and takes his shirt off. It’s hard for him to believe how hot his companion is. His abs look like they are sculpted in stone. He looks back at Elder Berry with those puppy dog eyes, and Elder Berry impatiently opens up the boy’s pants. He shoves a hand down the front and wraps his fingers around his hard dick. “I knew you’d like it,” he says with a smile. As he plays with his companions cock, he reaches into his own pants and gropes his own boner. He slides his companion’s pants to the floor, and then drops his own.

Elder Titov lifts up his garment and gives his companion a look at his perfect body. Elder Berry gently strokes his dick, then strips off his own shirt, revealing his lean torso and the sprinkling of hair on his belly. Elder Titov can’t resist the urge to put his hand on his companion’s dick, and Elder Berry returns the favor. As they grope each other, Elder Berry grins. “That feels good, and I haven’t even shown you this toy yet.” He hands a toy over. “Here, hold this.”

Elder Titov holds the dildo in his hands while Elder Berry squirts lube on the other, drops his garment bottoms and lies down on the desk. He strokes his fat dick as he teases his hole with the toy. Elder Titov watches the head of the toy press against his companion’s asshole, totally transfixed. Slowly, Elder Berry pushes it into his ass, moaning as it enters him. Elder Titov, remembering how it feels, and seeing the pleasure on his companion’s face, is getting very turned on. Elder Berry pushes it in deeper, taking a deep breath.

“Does it really feel good?” Elder Titov asks innocently. “When I was on the board, it didn’t feel that good.”

“You just have to relax,” Elder Berry says, feeling a little dizzy with pleasure. He really wants to see his companion take one up his ass too. He figures the only way to convince him is to show him how much fun it is. Elder Titov sits down and plays with his dick, his eyes locked on his companion. The dildo is really long, and Elder Berry pushes it all the way in and leaves it there for a second. He strokes his dick and thinks about Elder Titov feeling what he’s feeling. At his command, Titov takes off his garment bottoms and teases his hole with the toy. The head is cold and slippery, and it feels weird against his butt. Weird, but good. He applies a little pressure, and pulls out his chubby.

“Show me your ass,” Elder Berry says, and Titov turns around. Looking at his tight butt gets Berry really hard. He’s stuffing himself with the dildo and jerking hard. The sounds Elder Titov makes as he feels the toy just beginning to enter his hungry hole make Berry feel crazy with lust. He closes his eyes and rides the edge just for a second, and then he can’t control it any longer. With a load groan he feels a load of cum explode from his hard dick.

The sight of all that cum makes Elder Titov’s balls ache. Elder Berry smiles, sits up and puts a hand on the dildo. It’s time for Elder Titov to see just how good it can feel. He gently begins to press it into his ass…


Stripped naked in a dark room, surrounded by his priesthood leaders, [More]

Bend over the priesthood stretcher.” With a shiver, Elder Stewart goes to the stretcher and bends over. His ass sticks up high in the air. He’s shivering from nervousness. The air is actually hot and rank with the smell of sex. And as he imagines what the men are going to do to his body, his dick gets really hard.

One of the masked men comes up behind him, pulls him back against his chest and strokes his dick. Elder Stewart leans back into him, letting him have his way. He reaches back and feels that the man has pulled his huge dick out through his zipper. The man pushes him over and sets his cock on his back. Elder Stewart reaches back and starts to stroke it. The other men have pulled their dicks out too and are stroking.

The man groping Elder Stewart starts to slide his massive back against the boy’s hole. Elder Stewart is nice and stretched out, but even so he gasps as the man pushes a sizeable dick into his ass. Slowly, inch by inch, pushing its way in. He’s not sure he can take it. When it’s finally all the way in, he can almost feel it in his throat. He clutches one of the dildos, closes his eyes, and tries to relax. The man starts to thrust gently, opening the boy up for a good pounding. He lifts the boy back up to him, and the boy feels the dick pressing against his sweet spot.

As the man gets more and more turned on by the boy’s hot ass, he really gives it to him. He smashes into the boy’s ass, and the boy grunts. He’s almost afraid to look back at the big man pounding his hole. He can barely stand to have that big cock in his hole, but at the same time he never wants this to end.

As the older man gets close, he gets really loud. Elder Stewart’s hole is tight and juicy, and looking down at his submissive, toned body is making the man crazy with lust. He can feel a huge load building. When he knows he can’t keep it in any longer, he pulls out and squeezes his huge cock with his fist. The fat head of his dick throbs, and then a huge stream of cum shoots all the way over the boy’s head, and then a second jet of cum does the same. The man is shaking as his dick dribbles a little more cum on the boy’s hole, then he pushes his dick back in. Elder Stewart is so overwhelmed with pleasure he feels like he might pass out.

He has been found worthy and will be accepted into the secret order of the priesthood, but before he puts his clothes back on there’s cum on the wall, which really he should clean up with his tongue.

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