Elder Titov & Patriarch Smith EVALUATION PART 2

The Brethren singled out Elder Titov for induction months ago because [More]

Elder Titov has always had daddy son fantasies. It’s something he didn’t realize until recently. Actually, thanks to his recent sexual experiences, as terrifying as they were, he has had a tremendous sexual awakening. He hated his abductor and despised being bossed around, but it gave him a painfully hard boner at the time. Even just remembering his experiences in captivity gives him an embarrassingly stiff erection. And the idea of a powerful older man dominating him, he now realizes how much that turns him on.

He wants to earn the patriarch’s approval, so he settles on the bed and puts on a show. He runs his eyes over the older priesthood holder’s furry chest, his big arms, his silver beard, and then he closes his eyes and imagines the man picking him up off of the bed, bending him over and licking his tight hole.

The performance is having its desired effect. The patriarch is rock hard and his dick is wet with precum. As he jerks off, he pictures himself ramming his hard cock into the submissive boy. Riding him hard until he shoots his load and fills the boy up with hot white sperm.

The patriarch grunts, and the noise sends a thrill of pleasure through the boy. The things Elder Titov admired and lusted after in priesthood leaders as a young man are all combined in Patriarch Smith. Jerking off for him now is like living out the sexual fantasies he had for years before his mission.

Elder Titov’s nuts ache to cum, but he won’t let himself orgasm until Patriarch Smith gives him permission. His butt is clenched, and he writhes around on the bed. The patriarch can see that the boy is desperate to cum, but he wants to stretch this out as long as he can. The missionary looks at him with big pleading eyes, and the patriarch nods. Relieved, the boy lets loose and noisily unloads several huge blasts of cum.

Elder Miller & President Wilcox ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT

For young men like Elder Miller, missionary service is 24 months. [More]

From that point forward, all Elder Miller wanted was to win the praise and admiration of this man. Elder Miller stared trustingly into the older man’s eyes and said “Yes!” Needless to say, his first interview went very well. It had the sort of happy ending that left him feeling like a porn star–a Mormon porn star.

The first few weeks as Mission President turned out to be quite stressful. Looking after the wellbeing of one hundred 19 year old boys can be draining. To help him relax, President Wilcox would strip and fuck his young assistants at the mission home every chance he got.

And there was nothing he seemed to love more than fucking Elder Miller’s perfect ass.

Elder Miller possesses all the qualities that make a Mormon missionary great: he’s humble and obedient; he’s happy and eager to please; he’s really handsome; and he has an amazing body, a gorgeous cock and he loves getting his hole stuffed.

Just touching the boy’s muscles through his clothes gives the older man a boner. After stripping off the boy’s shirt and pants, he lifts up the missionary’s garments and drools over his young muscular body.

President Wilcox licks the boy’s balls and dick, he loves the taste of him. As he blows Miller, he thinks about the young man’s tight little hole, how good it tastes, and how good it will feel to once again slide his big dick into the boy. Slowly, making the kid whimper as he sinks in to his balls.



Elder Titov & Patriarch Smith   Evaluation Part 1

Patriarch Smith loves his calling. A steady stream of naked Mormon boys [More]

Elder Titov is sent to see Patriarch Smith at the mission home. The brethren know that he has been flirting with the Patriarch openly during Sunday School and that the willful boy is likely to respond to this particular older gay Mormon man. The Patriarch is instructed to correct Elder Titov’s pride in any way he sees fit. The patriarch doesn’t lose any time.

Titov is so excited to be alone with Patriarch Smith that his dick gets hard and strains against his pants. The Patriarch plants one of his big paws on the boy’s firm ass, and Elder Titov wonders if he’s about to be initiated into one of those “secret combinations” mentioned in The Book of Mormon.

The patriarch squeezes the boy’s butt with his strong fingers and guides him down the hallway and into the room. Elder Titov is surprised at the man’s strength. He feels as if he’s about to be lifted right off the ground! Knowing that he’s not in control is a little scary, but he’s also shaking with excitement.

In the bedroom, the older man begins to undress the boy, expecting resistance. But when Elder Titov submits, the patriarch steps back and orders him to strip naked. Elder Titov steps back just far enough to get his clothes off. He strips down to his Mormon underwear and the patriarch sees his erection peeking out of his garment bottoms.

Patriarch Smith slides off the missionary’s underwear and exposes his stiff erection. Titov instinctively reaches to open the Patriach’s fly, excited to see the monster cock snaking down the Patriarch’s pant leg.

The boy unbuttons the older man’s pants and pulls down his zipper. Patriarch Smith’s huge cock bobs around in his see-through garment boxers. Transfixed, Titov reaches in and grabs hold of his stiff velvety monster. He can’t believe his luck. This is his ultimate daddy son fantasy come true…

Elders Foster, Miller, & Bishop Angus   INDUCTION PART 2

Standing between Bishop Angus and another missionary, Elder Foster is pinned. [More]

The boy was afraid of that cock, but there was nothing he could do. Bishop Angus gripped him in his massive arms. And then the bishop thrust his hips forward and his cock pierced the boy’s butt.

The pain was sharp and immediate, and Elder Foster let out a muffled cry. At the same time, he felt his own cock driven deeper up Elder Miller’s ass. the bishop’s lips were against Foster’s ear and he gasped, “Take it like a man.”

Elder Foster clenched his butt cheeks and struggled for breath as Bishop Angus drove his cock all the way in. “That’s it, boy,” he said. “Let me in. Just relax. I like fucking young men hard and deep.”

When the Bishop pulled back, the boy’s ass was wrapped so tight around his cock that Elder Foster came back with him. Foster looked down as his dick slipped all the way out of Elder Miller’s ass. It hovered there for a second until Bishop Angus thrust his cock into the boy again and drove Foster’s dick back inside Elder Miller.

Now that he’s getting used to have a dick in him while his own dick is buried in someone else, Elder Foster starts to fuck freely. As he pounds Elder Miller, the bishop’s cock slides in and out of Foster’s hole. He can’t decide which sensation he likes better: having his dick deep in his companion, or having the bishop’s deep inside himself.

“That’s it, boy,” the burly gay daddy moans. “That’s the way we pass the priesthood from man to man. Fuck him deep, and when you cum, shove your cum in as deep as you can.”

Elder Butler & Elder Peterson   PREPARATION DAY PART 2

Elder Butler interrupted his handsome jock companion’s workout to suggest [More]

As he works over his companion’s thick cock, his mind keeps wandering back to his own dick, which Elder Peterson is sucking down and blowing like a pro. Precum is leaking out of Elder Butler’s rock hard cock, in a steady stream down Elder Peterson’s throat.

Elder Butler loves the feel of his companion’s big, masculine hands manhandling his ass. And Elder Peterson is overwhelmed with sensations. He loves the way his companion’s dick and balls taste, and he loves having his companion’s wet mouth sliding up and down his own dick. And even more than that, he really loved having his ass worshipped by his companion.

He’s too embarrassed to ask to be rimmed. But Elder Butler noticed how much Peterson likes having his ass serviced, and he helps Elder Peterson onto his back and starts to lick his tight hole. Elder Peterson closes his eyes and jerks on his fat cock. As his companion’s tongue flickers in and out of his hole, he senses a giant orgasm building up. But he really wants to be violated, and pretty soon Elder Butler is spitting on his fingers and sliding them into his butt…

Elders Foster, Miller, & Bishop Angus   INDUCTION PART 1

Elder Miller has seen Elder Foster naked, tasted his leaky cock, and [More]

“I want you to watch closely,” he says to Elder Miller, and then he gently licks Elder Miller’s ass. “Do you think you can do this?”

The boy is too shy to say anything, but he nods and drops to his knees. As he licks the other missionary’s tight asshole, the bishop massages his neck and encourages him. “That’s great. Just like that.” The bishop walks around the desk, taking a good look at the muscular body spread out on it, and then takesElder Miller’s head and sticks his dick in the boy’s mouth.

Elder Foster watches the blowjob as he eats the firm ass, eager to do a good job and totally turned on. The bishop comes back around and shows him how to massage the hole with his thumb, and then how to slide his finger in and loosen up his hole. As the Elder Foster does this, the bishop wets his finger with spit and opens up Elder Foster’s tight butthole. The boy moans as he feels the man’s thick finger work its way in. He’s already imagining the bishop’s meaty cock fucking him hard, while he fucks the other missionary…

Elder Butler & Elder Peterson   PREPARATION DAY PART 1

Elder Butler is a cute young Mormon guy who has a big crush on his [More]

Elder Peterson stands up. He’s built like a truck, and Elder Butler wants to touch his muscles. “Well, most of their girlfriends were Mormon and didn’t want to have sex, so I helped them out. I gave them blowjobs.”

Elder Peterson is a little shocked, but also intrigued. He has never fooled around with anyone, and the thought of getting his dick sucked is making him hard.

“Have you ever had a blow job?” Elder Butler asks. He shakes his head no.

“Want one?”

Blushing, Elder Peterson’s mind is racing. His companion is basically admitting he’s gay. A gay Mormon missionary could probably end up getting sent home. But he likes his companion. And the urge to look out for him is probably connected to the fact that he really wants his companion to give him a blow job. So he looks at his companion and nods his head.

“Yeah. I mean, sure.”

Elder Butler jumps to his feet and takes off his companion’s tee shirt. His torso is massive, and it’s all rock hard muscle. Elder Butler gropes it, then he slides off his companion’s gym shorts and garments. Elder Peterson is too shy to say a word, but Elder Butler can see from his fat boner that he’s excited. Elder Butler grabs his nuts and swallows his companion’s thickening cock. Elder Peterson gasps as his companion licks the head of his cock, and he involuntarily puts his hands on Butler’s head and forces his cock down the boy’s throat…

Elders Berry, Titov, & Bishop Angus   BISHOP INTERVIEW

Elder Berry and Elder Titov are interviewed and molested by the bishop. [More]

During his last meeting, he confessed that since his abduction he had been involuntarily fantasizing about “suit sex.” Or rather, he can’t help fantasizing about being naked while men of the priesthood take turns fucking him, all while still fully dressed in their suits.

After that last meeting, the brethren told Elder Titov that he and his companion would be meeting with Bishop Angus. He would call the two boys’ in for a joint interview. And it would be after hours meeting.

On the day of their interview, the boys wait politely for the bishop. Elder Titov has told Elder Berry what to expect, and their young dicks are straining hard against the fabric of their pants. when the bishop finally joins the pair, he gives both of them a warm smile, but then gets straight to business.

Bishop Angus pulls Elder Berry in close and passionately kisses him before roughly removing his clothes. He barks out an order for Elder Titov to undress himself. Elder Titov is filled with mixed emotions. Getting bossed around and roughed up makes his his dick jump. He stands up to undress as he watches the two. The bishop’s severity is both exciting, and disconcerting. The bishop repeats his command and the boy starts to strip. Elder Titov can’t take his eyes off his companion. The way Elder Berry is eagerly kissing the bishop, it is clear he wants the bishop to have his way with him.

Elder Berry has already been stripped to his sacred Mormon underwear by now, and the bishop can see his hard dick through the sheer fabric. He yanks on it, then pulls the boy in for more kissing. Elder Titov is nervous, but he’s also starting to feel a little left out. Will the bishop manhandle him like that too? And the sight of the boy he has a crush on being treated roughly makes his dick ache. While the bishop gropes Elder Berry, Elder Titov takes his shirt and garment top off, revealing his ripped body. The bishop takes a good hard look. His favorite sight in the world is naked Mormon boys. “Take your pants off,” he tells Titov. And the bishop takes his own pants off, too. Elder Titov catches a glimpse of the bishop’s big, hard dick pressing against his garments.

The bishop drops to his knees and starts to eat Elder Berry’s ass. Elder Berry moans. His hole is hungry for cock. He reaches out and runs a hand down his companion’s gorgeous body, very happy to be sharing this experience with him. Elder Titov strips completely naked and strokes his dick. He loves his companion, but he doesn’t feel any jealousy at all. He is excited to see him take the bishop’s dick in his tight hole, knowing that it’ll make Elder Berry happy. The bishop sticks his thumb in Elder Berry’s hole, opening it up for his thick shaft…

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