Elder Parker has heard the gossip about inspections with Bishop Angus [More]

The greenie waits nervously until the bishop is ready, then takes a seat in his office. He tells the bishop almost immediately that he has heard about what goes on in these inspections, so the bishop wastes no time in getting him naked and sticking it in. 

Elder Parker is a quick learner. He’s only been on his mission a few weeks, and he already knows how to take a dick like a champ! The bishop moves him from one position to the next, testing every inch of the elder’s hungry ass. 

Elder Parker isn’t feeling nervous any more. He knows he has impressed the bishop and that he’ll pass the inspection with flying colors. But he won’t be satisfied until he has made the bishop cum. On the other hand, he doesn’t want this to be over yet. 

The bishop has climbed on top of the greenie and buries his dick deep inside him. Because he’s so inexperienced, Elder Parker cums almost before he knows it. Wet and relaxed, the bishop’s dick still inside him, he feels proud and happy. And watching the boy get fucked for the first time makes the bishop’s dick ache. He starts to shake as he fills the boy’s ass with his cum. 

Elder Parker thinks they’d have more luck baptizing people if all bishops were as friendly as Bishop Angus.




Companionship inventory is a time for these two elders to get to know each other [More]

They don’t waste any time — their clothes come off and they’re down to their garments in a heart beat. Elder Buckley takes off his top too, showing off his muscular chest and flat belly. Elder Riley lies down and throws his legs in the air, and through his garments Elder Buckley massages his buttonhole with a thumb. Then he spreads the garment open and starts to play with his hairy hole. He spits on his hands and wets his ass, then slips a finger in. It’s tight and warm. Then he slips in another finger and feels the hole relax around them. Both elders are hard and eager to fuck. Elder Riley feels like the luckiest missionary in the church.

Elder Buckley slips off his garment bottoms and gives his big, hard dick another tug before slipping it into Elder Riley’s willing ass. It feels just like he imagined. His companion is much bigger and stronger. He grabs one ankle and holds the leg in the air while he puts another giant hand on his companion’s dick and balls. He fucks his companion hard, and the dick is so big it fills him all the way up.

They stop for a second because Elder Buckley wants a better look at his companion’s body. He pulls the garments off of Elder Riley’s lean frame, then lays him down on his back and starts to fuck him again. It’s all Elder Riley can do not to cum. His whole body wants to explode, but he resists it because he does not want the fucking to end.
Then Elder Buckley picks him up and moves him to the couch. He grabs both legs and folds Elder Riley into a ball, then pounds his big dick into his ass. Elder Riley is happy to lie back and let his companion take total control. He stares up into Elder Buckley’s eyes — he would let him do anything to his body. Elder Buckley can tell his companion is on the verge of cumming, so he pulls out and sits back and makes Elder Riley suck him. Elder Riley wraps his mouth around the big dick, then swallows it as deep as he can.

Elder Buckley lets his companion get his dick hard and wet, then puts him on his hands and knees and fucks him from behind. Putting his companion’s dick in his mouth had completely turned on Elder Riley, and now bent over and whimpering his dick is screaming to cum. He strokes it slowly and holds off as long as he can, letting his companion ram him over and over again. Finally, it’s too much. He shoots a big wad all over the couch. Elder Buckley pulls out and cums all over his hole, then shoves his big sticky dick back in and gives Elder Riley a few more pumps.

Elder Buckley & Brother Newman EMPTY CLASSROOM

If staring at the new elder’s crotch all through Sunday School counts as inspiration [More]

From the classroom, he can hear as sacrament meeting starts. He waits until the sacrament is blessed and passed to be sure he’ll be undisturbed, then pulls out his iPad and starts scrolling through pictures of naked men. He knows it’s not safe to look at these images here in church, where he might get caught, but he’d hear them coming. And anyway, the danger makes it that much hotter. He can hear as the farewell talk gets underway. The young man at the pulpit is saying that his talk is for other young men in the congregation. Brother Newman unzips his trousers and lifts his thick dick and hefty balls out into the open. Now he’s looking at pictures of men having sex, and thinking about pushing into Elder Buckley, and masturbating slowly.

Elder Buckley was distracted after teaching his class that had gone so well. So distracted that he left his scriptures in the classroom. When he comes back to get them, Brother Newman doesn’t hear him come in. But Elder Buckley catches a glimpse of the handsome older man stroking his dick and freezes. He slips behind a wall to watch. He can’t believe that Brother Newman, who seemed like such good member, is masturbating in a church! But one look at the big dick makes Elder Buckley feel weak. With a glance over his shoulder, he pulls his own dick out and starts to stroke it.

Brother Newman gets ready to cum. He is thinking about cumming down Elder Buckley’s throat, and looking down into the elder’s eyes while he does it. He doesn’t want to get the semen on his pants, so he reaches for the nearest book — a pristine copy of The Book of Mormon. And he shoots his wad inside, then puts it back on the table.

Elder Buckley hastily puts his own dick back in his pants. He gives Brother Newman a second to compose himself, then he bursts in to grab his scriptures. Brother Newman pretends that nothing unusual is happening, but when he leaves the room, Elder Buckley sees that he has been looking at gay porn on his iPad. He wonders if he might be Brother Newman’s type?


Having been thoroughly evaluated, Elder Miller lies on the bishop’s desk, naked, [More]

The bishop takes off his pants, and his meaty dick is visible under his garments. He can’t wait any longer — he has to taste the elder’s butt. He lifts his legs in the air, though they’re tied to the desk, then licks the boy’s hole and starts to finger it. The elder is helpless to stop him — not that he wants to. He whimpers as the bishop sticks his fat thumb in his tight hole.

Then the bishop’s garments come off, revealing his hard, thick cock. He’s ready to test how receptive the elder’s hole will be. He starts to insert it gently, slowly, and the elder gasps as it makes its way into him. He’s not sure he can take it, it’s so big, but the bishop is patient, and after a second he’s in up to his balls. The elder wants to prove himself, so he takes it without complaining.

As the bishop starts to thrust inside the missionary’s butt, the missionary moans and grabs the desk. The bishop plays with his ripped young body, running his hands up and down the boy’s chest and belly. Then the bishop unties the boy’s feet and hands — not to make him more comfortable, but so that he can fold him up and give him a serious fucking. He climbs up on the desk with Elder Miller and shoves his dick back in. Elder Miller grips the desk and moans as the bishop plows him.

With a kiss, the bishop takes off the boy’s blindfold so that he can look in his eyes while he fucks him. The elder’s hole is so tight, and he’s so submissive. As he starts to work him over faster and faster, the bishop grunts and feels that he’s about to cum. He pulls out at just the last moment and leaves a puddle of white cum on the boy’s asshole, then he pushes it back into his ass with his dick. Then he takes some of the cum on his fingers and anoints the boy’s forehead.

It’s safe to say Elder Miller passed his inspection with flying colors.


Elder Harward’s mission is over, and the bishop has arranged for a very sexy send off. [More]

The priesthood leaders and the two other elders can’t take their eyes off of him. Even through his garments you can see the change in his body: over the last two years, he has gone from being a skinny boy to a beautiful young man with body hair, muscles, a round butt and a big dick. The other elders have witnessed this transformation, and they hope the bishop is planning to give them one more taste of that body before he goes home and is released from his calling.

Elder Harward steps out of his garments and runs his hands over his tight chest, showing it off to the bishop and the other missionaries. The patriarch stands up and gropes him, turning him to face the other elders. He runs a hand over his ass, then takes his dick in his hand, which is already beginning to stiffen with the pleasure of being touched and being watched. The bishop starts to touch himself under the desk, and the other elders grab their dicks too. The patriarch cups his balls, then slaps his dick against his belly a few times. He’s totally hard, now, and the tip of his penis glistens with pre-cum, which the patriarch rubs all over the head with his thumb.

The patriarch tells Elder Harward to lie down on the desk. The patriarch toys with his nipples while the bishop plays with his dick and pulls off his black socks. He loves to be the center of attention. The bishop invites the other missionaries to join them around the desk. Elder Hardt’s pants are off a second later, his giant dick already hard. He drops to his knees and licks his ass and balls while he jerks off. The patriarch has pulled his own dick out and Elder Harward is sucking him off. Elder Gonzalez whips his dick out too, and Elder Harward takes turns sucking the two dicks. Then Elder Gonzalez heads to the end of the desk and sticks his enormous dick in Elder Harward’s ass. It’s almost more than he can take — he grimaces and moans as the dick works its way in deeper and deeper, until it’s totally buried in his ass. The other men grope his chest while Elder Gonzalez fucks him. Then Elder Hardt jumps up on the desk, kneeling over his face and sticking his dick in his mouth. Elder Gonzalez plugs away, giving Elder Harward’s ass a fucking it won’t soon forget. Feeling himself close to cumming, he slows down and pulls out — he’s not ready to be done yet.

Elder Hardt jumps down and takes over the fucking. He slides his dick into Elder Harward’s warm hole. Elder Harward has always had a special love for Elder Hardt, who reminded him of all the jocks in high school he’d been too shy to approach. Now that Elder Hardt is giving it to him, it’s like a dream come true, like all of those other boys are inside of him at once. He totally submits, moaning with pleasure, his mouth stuffed with Elder Gonzalez’s dick.

The patriarch’s owns thick shaft and giant balls are sticking out of his gray slacks. He takes over for Elder Hardt, putting his dick in the younger man’s hole. Elder Harward wants to cum, but he does’t want the fucking to stop. His moaning is muffled when Elder Hardt sticks his dick in his mouth, while the patriarch works him over. Elder Hardt and Elder Gonzalez throw an arm around each other, hands on each others’ butts, their hard dicks crossed on Elder Harward’s face.

Elder Hardt looks down at Elder Harward and feels the orgasm coming. His body tenses and he shoots a giant load all over Elder Harward’s chin. The patriarch pulls out and lets Elder Gonzalez fuck him again. But the bishop wants a turn too, so he pulls out his dick and shoves it in the elder’s hole. He has been waiting patiently, and now fucks the elder hard and fast and drops a load in his hole. Sweaty and covered in cum, inside and out, Elder Harward feels like he’s melting into the desk.

But he’s not done yet. Elder Gonzalez takes his place again at the end of the table. He puts his big dick in Elder Harward — it’s miracle that a dick that big can fit inside of him. He has completely given himself over to the fucking. He looks around at the other elders and the priesthood leaders while he tugs at his dick. His body contracts and a load of sperm shoots from his dick. The patriarch pats his back and the bishop leans in for a kiss.

When he was a little kid preparing for his mission, he never could have imagined it would end like this.


Elder Miller has been called in to the bishop’s office for an evaluation. He’s very anxious [More]

He unbuttons his shirt and hands it to the bishop, leaving his athletic torso covered in nothing but the sheer temple garment. He pulls that over his head and reveals his chiseled chest. Then his pants come off, and he’s standing there in his garment bottoms. The bishop gives no sign of his approval, but he notes that his body is in perfect shape.

The bishop tells him to pleasure himself through his garments, which is a relief, because there’s nothing he’d rather do. He rubs his swollen cock with one hand, and then the bishop comes out from behind his desk and gropes his chest, his belly and his dick. But he withdraws again – Elder Miller can barely stand to be teased like this.

When the bishop tells him to remove his garments, Elder Miller finally lets loose the meaty, half-hard dick that he has been hiding in there. The bishop wants to know that the young man is in perfect physical condition, so he’ll have to bring him all the way to ejaculation. He tells the elder to sit back down and masturbate.

Elder Miller feels strange to be naked and hard in front of a fully-dressed priesthood leader, but obedience is the most important virtue in a young missionary, so he gets to work. As he strokes his hard dick, he wonders what it would be like to confess all of his sins to the bishop and then be physically disciplined. He imagines the bishop bending him over the desk and spanking his ass hard with his big, hairy hands. He wonders if all the other elders have had to masturbate for the bishop, too, and the thought of each of them stroking one out where he is now sitting makes him feel crazy with desire. Or is he the only one, did the bishop choose just him to come perform like this?

He’s so turned on he has to stand up. He comes close to the desk, his ass and his abdomens tense as he gets ready to cum. Will the bishop be mad if he cums on the desk? Or is that what he wants? It doesn’t matter – the orgasm is suddenly here, and Elder Miller throws his head back with a grimace and cums all over the edge of the desk. He gives his big dick a few more tugs to make sure he got it all.

The bishop is impressed. He grabs some of the semen and anoints the elder’s forehead. Elder Miller is proud and blissed-out. But apparently the evaluation isn’t over yet – the bishop orders him to lie down on the desk for the next round…

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt, & Harward SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. [More]

As Bishop Angus takes Elder Harward’s dick in his mouth, the other two elders take their clothes off. Elder Gonzalez pulls his huge dick out of the opening in his garments and starts to stroke it slowly. The bishop whispers instructions to the boys and takes a seat next to patriarch Smith.

Hardward lies down on the ottoman and throws his legs in the air. He spreads his legs and motions for Elder Gonzalez to massage his hole. It’s tight and wet, and Elder Gonzalez can’t wait to get inside. He flips Elder Harward onto his hands and knees and begins to work in just the head of his dick. Elder Harward takes it like a champ, grimacing as the his butt slowly loosens to accommodate the fat dick pushing its way in.

Once Elder Gonzalez is all the way in, he starts to fuck him. Elder Harward drops his head down with a moan. He’s never had anything so big in there.Elder Gonzalez goes slow, sensing that Elder Harward needs to warm up.

The Patriarch motions for Elder Hardt to join the fun, so he slips his shaft through the opening of his garments and sidles up behind Elder Harward. He picks up where Elder Gonzalez left off, a hand on Elder Harward’s ass, slipping his gorgeous dick in and pounding away. Elder Harward starts gasping as Elder Hardt fucks him, clutching at the ottoman. Elder Hardt slaps his ass and slows down, really feeling his dick sliding in and out of the other elder’s ass.

Elder Hardt takes off his garment bottoms and rolls Elder Harward over onto his side. He gets a good look at Elder Harward’s backside before putting his dick in fucking him. Then Elder Gonzalez takes back over, pushing Elder Harward’s legs back and lifting his hole into the air. He slips his dick back in. After a good fuck, Elder Harward releases a load of hot white cum on his belly.

While Elder Hardt masturbates furiously on the couch, Elder Gonzalez stands above Elder Harward, their legs touching. Elder Hardt works himself to a climax, then jumps off the couch and blows a huge wad all over Elder Harward’s face. His whole body goes rigid with pleasure; he throws his head back and moans.

At the same moment, Elder Gonzalez reaches his climax and chums a second time, plastering Elder Harward’s chest. Elder Harward, happy to be the recipient of so much cum, takes Elder Hardt’s dick in his mouth and massages Elder Gonzalez’s dick with his hand.

He never would have imagined that the School of the Prophets would be so much fun.

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