Although Elder Lindsay is new to his Mormon mission, he has [More]

“I wasn’t checking you out,” Ricci says.

Elder Lindsay smiles again. It’s clear that Elder Ricci is caught.

“You’re not a very good liar,” he says.

Elder Ricci is afraid to confess that he is sexually attracted to other men, but the way that his companion is looking at him makes him feel like there’s a possibility the conversation might lead somewhere exciting. So he looks his companion in the eye and says, “I don’t want to admit to something that could get me sent home.”

Elder Lindsay leans back and starts to rub his cock. It’s already hard, and Ricci can see the outline of it through his pants. It looks big. Elder Ricci has never before seen an erect penis, except for his own, and the thought that Lindsay is about to pull his out makes him tremble with excitement.

“You’re not going to get sent home unless one of us talks,” the cocky missionary says.

Elder Ricci closes his folder and puts it down. He places his hand hesitantly on his companion’s thigh, and Lindsay takes that hand and places it on his dick. He uses his companion’s hand to grope himself, then closes his eyes as Ricci leans in for a long, wet kiss.

Elder Ricci can feel his companion’s dick throbbing through his pants, and as they kiss the two boys race to take off their clothes.

Once they’re naked, the two kiss, lick, and suck on each other’s dicks and bodies. Every sensation is a wonderful surprise to Ricci, but what feels best is when Lindsay spreads his cheeks and licks his hole. Ricci is overwhelmed with pleasure and closes his eyes. And when Lindsay starts to rub the head of his cock against his hole, and to press it in, it feels so good he thinks he might pass out!

Elder Peterson & Bishop Angus INSPECTED

Many of Mormonism’s secret rituals can seem strange and titillating to outsiders. [More]

He’s excited that one day he himself will be inspecting handsome young missionaries.

Other missionaries who had been initiated warned him that the inspection would be thorough. Even still, when the bishop bends him over his desk and spreads his cheeks wide to gaze down at his tight young hole, the boy is thrilled but anxious. Peterson has been told that he has a great muscular ass, and he can tell from the bishop’s grunts the bishop is pleased.

A moment later, Bishop Angus has buried his stubbly face in the missionary’s butt, licking and spitting and making the boy moan. The tiny beard hairs scratch, but they also send a shock of pleasure through Peterson’s body, who has never felt anything like it before.

Peterson looks back between his legs at the bishop’s bulging tool, and he tries to wait patiently for him to line it up with his hope. As amazing as the rim job feels, the boy needs to be fucked, hard, against the desk, as soon as possible. Elder Peterson is overcome with lust to have this hunky gay daddy inside of him.

And as if the bishop can read his mind, he stands up and presses the head of his cock against the boy’s hole. “Are you ready for me?” he asks, but pushes it in without waiting for an answer.



Elder Larsen & President Woodruff   CHECKUP

When Elder Larsen’s companion comes back from the doctor’s office, [More]

He shifts his meaty cock to hide the erection from the nurses and other doctors, then hurries to the room.

The boy doesn’t know it yet, but Dr. Woodruff has a secret drawer full of big anal probes, and his favorite thing in the world is to talk handsome young men into stripping completely naked, spreading their legs and allowing him to play with their holes until they shoot a hot load of cum for him. He knows he won’t have any trouble with Elder Larsen, and the excitement has already made the head of his dick wet with precum.

The doctor opens the door, and sees the angelic young man waiting for his help and guidance.

“Hi Elder,” he says in a deep, pleasant voice. “What brings you in today?”

Elder Peterson & Bishop Angus   INSPECTION

The more Elder Peterson learns about the secret ring of gay priests [More]

He undresses the boy slowly, enjoying every muscle on the boy’s athletic torso. And when he finally pulls that massive cock free of the Mormon underwear, the head of his own penis starts to leak.

Elder Peterson is equally turned on by the older man, and his hard dick is throbbing. He hopes it won’t be long before the bishop spits on his hole and slides his dick in as far as it will go.

Elder Lindsay   PERSONAL STUDY

The first few weeks of Elder Lindsay’s Mormon mission have been a fast-paced [More]

When they got home that first night, he watched his companion strip down to his form-fitting Mormon garments, and it took all of Lindsay’s willpower not to get an erection then and there. Ricci had turned off the light and crawled into bed, but Elder Lindsay could not sleep. He couldn’t get the sight of his companion nearly naked out of his head.

It was torture to have this hot mormon boy in bed next to him and not be able to touch him. He didn’t even dare to masturbate with the other missionary so near.

At 6:30 am, Elder Lindsay is the first rise. Wanting to impress Elder Ricci, he showers then puts on his missionary attire in time for his personal study.

As soon as Elder Ricci hops in the shower, Elder Lindsay picks up the garments his companion had been wearing the day before, and buries his face in them. Is he imagining things, or is there actually precum on the garments?

As he sniffs them, the boy reaches down and gropes his huge, hard cock through his slacks. He doesn’t want to get caught, but as horny as he is, he thinks he has time to jerk out one big load of cum before his companion finishes his shower.

Elder Peterson & President Wilcox   INDUCTED

President Wilcox has invited one of his favorite Mormon boys, blonde hunk [More]

Elder Peterson closes his eyes and rests his head against the wall. Taking a cock as big as the President’s is going to be difficult, so he’s breathing deep and trying to relax. President Wilcox spits on his dick and then slowly, slowly presses it up into the boy’s butt.

He can feel the tight hole loosening around the shaft of his cock. The boy gasps as the older man penetrates him, but he doesn’t fight it, and in a few moments the President is fucking him hard against the window.

Elder Peterson is afraid to touch his own cock, knowing that any stimulation is going to make him shoot a load, and he wants to enjoy this feeling as long as possible.

Elder Stewart & Patriarch Smith   INITIATION

Cute young Elder Stewart is everything a Mormon boy should be [More]

He knows how adventurous the boy is, and he can’t wait to milk a big load of cum out of his balls and spread it across the brow of the sweet boy’s head.

When Elder Stewart arrives at the temple, Patriarch Smith is careful not to betray his excitement. He’s very formal with the young man, very authoritative, and he can see that his performance has the desired effect on the boy, who does exactly as he says.

Elder Stewart feels completely exposed as the Patriarch begins to wash and anoint him. But he trusts the older man, and every time the Patriarch’s fingers touch his skin, Elder Stewart swoons a little. The Patriarch is gentle when making contact with the boy’s body, only lingering a little longer than necessary every time he touches the boy’s sensitive skin.

For his part, the Patriarch is surprised at how very boyish Elder Stewart’s body looks. His pale skin is almost totally hairless, and thinly covers his toned youthful muscles.

Elder Stewart can’t help it, and before long he’s sporting a sizable boner. Stewart looks up at the Patriarch for approval, noticing that his body has given the older man an erection. The handsome Patriarch happily takes hold of the young boy’s thick dick and starts working over his newest recruit…as is required by the sacred ordinance.

Elder Berry & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION

Dressed all in white, Bishop Angus waits in the temple for Elder Berry [More]

The boy finds the older man in a room in the temple, and Bishop Angus wastes no time in stripping him completely naked. The bishop’s cock is rock hard and dripping wet, and he wants to slide it into the boy’s ass and fill it with cum. Elder Berry reaches down and feels the man’s big dick, and he can hardly wait to get it inside of him. He kisses Bishop Angus, then pulls the cock out of the bishops pants and wets it with his spit. He rubs the head of the cock against his tight hole, then he takes a deep breath and tries to relax as Bishop Angus slowly but insistently pushes the head of his cock into him…

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