Elder Larsen received a call on Sunday from his Mission President [More]

Elder Larsen tried to hide his fear when he told his companion, Elder Isaacs, about the unplanned trip to the temple. For all the same reasons, Elder Isaacs felt anxious. Maybe more so because he was sensing from his senior companion that this could be quite serious.

For his part, the encounters Elder Isaacs has had with his companion have also been his very first forays into sex with other men, and his curiosity and desire to experiment are at an all time high.

When they arrive at the temple, they knock on the locked doors which slide open. Stepping inside, they’re greeted in the lobby by President Woodruff. The boys immediately feel more comfortable. After all, this is the priesthood leader who took their virginity.

The president wants to see Larsen alone in the initiatory, and asks Elder Isaacs to wait in the adjacent men’s waiting area. Isaacs is just as much in the dark as Larsen, but guesses right away that what the older man has planned involves sex.

As soon as they go into the room, Elder Isaacs gets as close as he can to the partition curtains of the initiatory to eavesdrop.

There’s talking at first. Elder Larsen is being considered for membership in a secret order within the priesthood. The conversation sends electric shocks of confirmation up and down Elder Isaac’s spine—from the top of his head, down to his toes.

After a while, the two fall silent. Sneaking a peek, Elder Isaacs sees the two sexy Mormon men, completely naked, having sex in the heart of the holy temple…

Elder Stewart INSPECTION

What makes a Mormon boy stand out among his fellow missionaries? [More]

Elder Stewart had imagined that this inspection would just be visual, but the bishop has much more in mind than that. He bends Stewart over the edge of his desk and spit on his tight hole. He probes the hole with a finger — it resists at first, then gives way as the boy moans. The boys dick lengthens and swells in anticipation.

The bishop’s cock is dripping, and he will not let the young man leave the office until his hole has been thoroughly fucked in every position imaginable and they’ve both shot off big loads of cum.



Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci   P-DAY WITH BROTHER JOHNSON

Elder Ricci is spending his Preparation Day in a haze [More]

At some point after the two boys strip down and fondle each others’ perfect, young bodies, Brother Johnson overhears their voices.

Brother Johnson is a local member who recently was called to be the ward mission leader. He had stopped by the field to watch the missionaries play soccer on their p-day, before heading to the church building to pick up some teaching materials.

Realizing that the building isn’t vacant, he quietly heads to the stage and parts the curtain a little. What he sees makes him hard immediately. The two hot Mormon missionaries are naked, their dicks erect, making out.

Being careful not to be seen, he whips his own cock out and starts to stroke. His penis is huge, and there more he watches the boys fumble with each others’ dicks, the more he wants to join in and show them how to fuck like men.

Finally, the temptation is too much. Brother Johnson walks in, and the boys both recoil, shocked. “You don’t have to stop because of me,” he says with a smile. “Come here.”

The boys hesitate for a second, but the sight of the man’s giant tool makes their mouths water. As they fall to their knees and start to slobber on his meat, Brother Johnson wonders which of their tight holes to plow first.

Elder Stewart   INSPECTION

The Brethren of The Order are proud of Elder Stewart. They’ve been monitoring his progress [More]

The next step on his path to manhood and full fellowship in The Order is a thorough inspection by Bishop Angus. The bishop is one of the missionaries’ favorite priesthood leaders. He’s handsome, muscular and friendly, and he’s rumored to have a thick penis and to be extremely gifted at pounding the missionaries that come his way.

Elder Stewart is very excited to be probed by the older man, and the bishop is also eager to have a look at every inch of this pretty boy’s body before bending him over his desk and slipping his cock into the boy’s hole.

Elder Stewart arrives punctually and heads for the bishop’s office. He knocks on the door, and the bishop lets him in, smiling. “Today is your inspection, Elder! Do you understand what’s required of you?”

Elder Stewart grins. “Yes.”

Elders Butler, Isaacs, and Larsen   WORKOVER

Elder Butler hoped he’d get to workover with Elder Isaacs or Elder Larsen, [More]

But Elder Isaacs has been up this whole time, watching Elder Butler get rimmed, and feeling jealous that he is being left out of the fun. But he’s afraid if he wakes up, they’ll stop, and he wants to see what happens next. And he isn’t disappointed, Elder Larsen whips out his huge, hard cock and stuffs it in the boy’s ass.

As he pounds the kid, Elder Isaacs feels the head of his own dick start to drip. He’s never seen anything so hot. Butler is getting his daylights fucked out, and Elder Isaacs wonders what it feels like to have a dick working over your asshole like that.

And he is going to find out. Elder Larsen noticed that Isaacs is awake some time ago, but he wanted the boy to watch. And since he’s not objecting, Larsen knows he’s interested. “Elder Isaacs, come here,” he orders. And when Isaacs is slow to respond, he says, “Right now.”

Elder Isaacs joins them on the bed, and Larsen forces him to make out with Butler while he strips the big boy’s muscular body stark naked. Then he buries his face in Isaacs’s big sweet ass. He has to know how it feels wrapped around his cock. So he forces the man facedown into the bed and pushes his big cock in.

Elder Isaacs’s eyes widen in surprise and he grunts loudly. The feeling is intense, but it’s also exhilarating, and when Elder Larsen starts to hammer away, Isaacs strokes his dick, closes his eyes and tries not to cum too soon.


Being a Mormon missionary doesn’t exempt you from all the temptations [More]

Elder Foster is in the middle of his initiatory rites. His companion, Elder Miller had taken him to see Bishop Angus to learn about the True Order of the Priesthood. Fooling around with his companion had been great, but being mentored by a man he’s looked up to since arriving in the mission field, that was incredible.

But all of this was new, and fairly disconcerting. And while on splits with Elder Peterson, he learned that the Mission President was aware of the sexual activity between several of the missionaries. Apparently Peterson and several other missionaries had confessed but weren’t sent home.

Encouraged by this revelation, Elder Foster setup an appointment to meet privately with the Mission President.

This was the first time he was talking to President Wilcox about his true sexual urges. In no time — and hardly saying much at all — the President had him stripped naked with his legs in the air.

As the President worked over the boy’s eager hole with his rock hard cock, Elder Foster let go of all remaining doubt and anxiety. This is where he was supposed to be. This was his calling. From this point forward he would obediently do whatever his priesthood leaders asked him to do.

The boy’s dick throbs as his Mission President pushes into his tight hole. President Wilcox stretches Elder Foster open a little more with each thrust, and the boy tries not to touch himself. He is right on the edge and knows that any moment he might shoot his wad. But he wants to see the older man cum. Foster is sure those big balls are storing up a huge load of cum for him, and he wants his Mission President to breed every drop as deep inside him as possible.

Elders Butler, Isaacs, & Larsen   WORKOVER

Every Mormon missionary is paired with another missionary, who is called his “companion.” [More]

As they took off their Sunday clothes, Elder Butler took every opportunity to check out the other missionaries’ hot bodies.

Once they were stripped down to their sacred underwear, he could clearly see the outlines of their meaty cocks through the sheer fabric. It took all of his willpower not to get a boner, which they would have seen immediately through his sheer Mormon underwear.

But there are only two small beds in the apartment, and since Larsen and Isaacs wouldn’t fit in one bed very well, the boys decide that Elder Butler will share a bed with Elder Larsen.

Elder Butler is secretly thrilled, but also anxious. When he gets into bed, he scoots over to the very edge and tries not to touch Elder Larsen — afraid that the boy will realize that he is attracted to him. But Elder Larsen very casually throws an arm around Elder Butler and pulls him close.

Elder Isaacs falls asleep very quickly, but Elder Butler can’t sleep. Not while he’s cradled in the other missionary’s arms. His mind is racing, and his heart is beating wildly.

Larsen pulls Elder Butler in even tighter, and then, with one glance over at Isaacs to make sure he’s sleeping, he reaches down and gropes Butler’s cock. Elder Butler pretends to be asleep, but his dick is rock hard.

As Larsen plays with it, he presses into Larsen’s body and feels the boy’s big boner against his ass. He lets out a little groan, and Larsen claps a hand over his mouth to silence. Who knows what would happen if Isaacs were to wake up to the sight of missionary sex.


Over the course of his missionary service, Elder Foster’s ideas about right and wrong [More]

Elder Foster had been overwhelmed with desire, and afterwards he felt happier than he had ever been before.

But that doesn’t mean his confusion had disappeared. It is hard for him to overcome the guilt and shame he feels, even though the older men of the priesthood have made clear that his unquestioning obedience is required.

Adding to his confusion is the fact that he doesn’t know what’s next for him. Will he be physically punished before he’s accepted to the order? Who else will work over his ass? And will he be asked to do more painful or humiliating things before he’s admitting?

He doesn’t have to wait long to find out. Hoping to quiet his fears and doubts, he requests a private meeting with the Mission President, a stern older man who has always intimidated the boy.

Elder Foster is afraid to confess what he has been up to, but he knows it’s the only way he’ll find peace. What he doesn’t know, yet, is that the Mission President is also part of the order, and that he is planning to use this interview to further the boy’s sexual education and bring him ever closer to full acceptance in the brotherhood.

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