Elder Buckley & Elder Riley COMPANIONSHIP SECRET

After talking about whether they should confess to the mission president, [More]

“I really think that’s a bad idea,” says Elder Buckley. He leans back on the bed and loosens his tie. “Now why don’t you stand up, handsome, and start taking your clothes off for me.”

Elder Riley does as told. He can’t resist his beefy companion. He slips off his shirt, then pauses and looks Elder Buckley in the eye. “You know, I’m only comfortable about this with you,“ he says. “If it was anybody else, I wouldn’t want to.”

Elder Buckley smiles. “Keep going,” he says. Elder Riley strips down to his tight-fitting garments, his boner clearly visible through the fabric. As he strips, he thinks about how wonderful it feels to have his companion sweating and grunting above him. Elder Buckley pulls him in by the hips, and then completely removes his companion’s garments. His dick pops out, and Elder Buckley takes it in his mouth, making Elder Riley gasp. He gives it a few sucks, then takes off his own pants and kisses his companion. Elder Riley gets on his knees and slips Elder Buckley’s dick out of the fly of his garments and sucks it until he’s hard. Elder Buckley puts a hand on his head and pushes it down until he’s choking on his big dick.

It occurs to Elder Buckley that one way to keep his companion from telling the mission president is to let him top for once. He’s a little worried, because he’s never been fucked before. But it only seems fair, given all the punishing fucks he has pounded into Elder Riley. He asks, “Have you ever been inside a guy?” Elder Riley says no. “Want to try it? It’s fun.”

Elder Buckley lies back and throws his legs in the air and tells Elder Riley what to do. Elder Riley spits on his hand and slips his wet finger in Elder Buckley’s tight hole. Elder Buckley grimaces but he tries to relax and open up. Then Elder Riley slips his dick in. Elder Buckley closes his eyes and tugs on his dick. The feeling is really intense, and a little painful, but he likes it. Elder Riley starts to rock back and forth, then leans in for a kiss. He loves the look on his companion’s face as he fucks him. Much as he likes this, though, all he wants is for Elder Buckley to fuck him hard. “I want you inside me,” he says. Elder Buckley smiles and obliges. Elder Riley gets on his knees and Elder Buckley fucks him from behind. Elder Riley clutches the sheets in tight fists as his companion works on his asshole. It’s almost, but not quite, more than he can take.

Elder Buckley flips his companion over and slips his fat meat in his hole. He wants to see Elder Riley’s face as he fucks him. Elder Riley jerks off while he takes it. How could he have even considered ruining this with a confession to the mission president? It’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. As he gets close to orgasm, he tells his companion to fuck him harder, and then he drops a giant white load on his belly.

Elder Buckley smiles. So much for repenting! He kisses his companion, then spreads the semen around on his belly with one of his huge hands. He stands up and jerks off, thinking about the taste and smell of his companion’s cum. He starts to breathe hard, and then cums all over his companion’s face and chest. Then he slips his sticky dick back in his hole and fucks him hard until his dick has gone soft. They’re both red in the face and sweaty.

They decide that what their priesthood leader doesn’t know won’t hurt him.



Elder Berry & Elder Stewart   WAYFARING MAN

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart suck off a hung stranger! [More]

time sleeping that night. He can’t get his mind off the two boys sleeping under him. They’re so young and so innocent, and he could tell even through their underwear that they have tight young bodies.

What he does’t know is that they are up late, too, thinking about him. He’s so much more of a man than they are, with his muscles, and his tattoos, and the meaty cock they just caught a glimpse of as he crawled into bed. They are too afraid to have sex with him in the top bunk, but when they wake up in the morning, they both have morning wood popping out of their garments. They’re so horny they decide to risk it. They kiss and quietly fondle each others’ dicks, keeping an ear open for the sound of the guest waking up.

But they haven’t been as quiet as they think! Their new friend hears them kissing and rustling around. He peeks over the edge of the bunk and sees their two dicks sticking out of their underwear. He shifts in the bed so that he can grab his own dick, which is getting harder and harder. Are the missionaries allowed to have sex? Should he join them on the bottom bunk? Or should he wait for an invitation?

But the invitation never comes. He secretly watches them play with each other, and when he can’t resist any longer, he decides to stick his huge boner through the slats of the bunk bed and see what the missionaries do.

The elders are shocked when the see his hard, thick cock and giant balls appear above their heads, but they are total game. They take turns sucking his dick and sucking each other. They can tell from the moans coming from above that their guest is enjoying himself. Elder Stewart takes their investigator’s balls in his mouth, while his companion Elder Berry takes the cock deep into his throat and sucks the head of his uncircumcised cock. He wraps a hand around the dick and gives it a hand job while he licks and sucks. The feeling of the two boys working him over, unseen, is too much for the new houseguest. He clenches his round butt and with a groan fills up the elder’s mouth with semen.

If this is what their friend is like on a first visit, the elders can’t wait for the Second Discussion!

Elder Hardt & Elder Jordan   TRANSFERS

Elder Hardt has a new calling: to find out all he can about Elder Jordan. [More]

Elder Hardt lies down on the bed and starts to undress, hoping he’ll catch Elder Jordan giving him a furtive glance. He strips down to his garment bottoms, which are just transparent enough to show the crack of his ass. His muscled chest is irresistible.

But Elder Jordan doesn’t even glance over. Elder Hardt watches as he nonchalantly takes off his shirt and then his garment top. When he bends to take his pants off, his perfect ass is right in Elder Hardt’s face. But he seems completely oblivious to the sexual charge in the room. The tension makes Elder Hardt’s dick twitch.

Elder Jordan lies down on his stomach and closes his eyes. Neither elder has said a word. Elder Hardt is totally restless. He puts his clothes away, then lies down on his bed, thinking about how amazing it would feel if his companion would run a hand over his chest, kiss him, or shove his fat dick up his ass…

Elder Hardt has popped a boner, but if his companion notices, he doesn’t say anything. Elder Hardt tries to sleep, but his hard dick is throbbing on his belly. Once Elder Hardt closes his eyes, Elder Jordan takes the opportunity to reach into his garments and tug on his big, semi-hard dick. He hasn’t masturbated in ages, and his balls are aching to dump a big white load. Can he wank one out before his companion wakes up? But it’s no good — Elder Hardt breathes in deeply and opens his eyes.

“Time for a shower!” says Elder Jordan. Elder Hardt wonders if that is an invitation. Can he come along? Elder Jordan sits up and pulls off his garment bottoms, revealing his dick, which is getting harder and harder. Elder Hardt is definitely coming along, and he strips naked too, showing off his own boner.

The two elders shave their faces side by side, buck naked. Elder Hardt tries to focus, but he can’t help stealing glances at his butt naked companion. Then he hops in the shower, hoping his companion will join him. He starts the water and asks for the soap. Elder Jordan sits on the counter and chats about life in the mission home.

When he thinks Elder Hardt is distracted by his shower, he turns around and gets his dick hard. He’s in a rush to cum, because he doesn’t want his companion to see. With one eye on the mirror, he strokes his fat dick. It’s hard as rock. His giant balls are full of cum and he wants to shoot it now.

Elder Hardt notices that his companion has fallen silent, and he pokes his head out. He can see his companion masturbating in the mirror. He’s really working his dick over, stroking hard and fast. His balls are resting on the counter, and all the big muscles in his chest and back are tensed. Elder Hardt wants to take the load in his mouth, but he knows he has to be patient.

As Elder Jordan feels the cum rushing up his dick, his whole body seizes up and he sticks his hand out and catches the load. Elder Hardt wants to lick up all that cum, but he knows it won’t be long before he will taste it.

Elders Buckley, Riley, & Bro Newman   CORRELATION MEETING

When everyone’s secrets come to light, the elders’ routine correlation meeting turns [More]

In a flash, their shirts and ties are off, then their pants. Elder Buckley sits there in his garment bottoms, showing off his beautiful chest. He knows Brother Newman likes what he sees, and he wants to show him how good he is at fucking his companion. Elder Riley kneels next time him, his fit body showing through his tight garments. Elder Buckley strips him naked, and then Elder Riley pulls out Elder Buckley’s fat dick and starts to suck it. Brother Newman can’t take his eyes off Elder Riley’s hot ass, which hovers an inch above the floor, cheeks spread. He knows it’s thirsty for dick. Brother Newman gets hard, and he starts to play with his dick through his pants.

Elder Buckley & Elder Riley   MEN BEHIND THE CURTAIN

Thinking they have the church building to themselves, Elder Buckley and Elder Riley [More]

When Elder Riley comes out, he sees the bulge in Elder Buckley’s pants and he knows he has to have it before they can continue tracting. He’s had enough of hearing “no” today. So he grabs the bulge and says, “I wish we could have sex right here in the church.” Elder Buckley smiles, takes him by the hand, and leads him to the stage. They part the dark curtain and find themselves in the most secluded spot in the church. Elder Riley is nervous — they can’t have sex here. What if someone catches them? But Elder Buckley reassures him that they’re all alone. They start to kiss, and Elder Buckley gropes Elder Riley’s crotch. He’s already hard.

After a day of hard work and being turned away, everything is suddenly easy. Elder Buckley wants one thing, and Elder Riley is not going to put up any resistance. While they make out, he slips Elder Riley’s pants off and then unbuttons his shirt. Elder Riley’s hard dick presses against his garments. He’s wearing a one-piece, so Elder Buckley pulls down the top half of his garments and gets an eyeful of his lean, hairless torso. Then he pulls them all the way down and takes his companion’s hard dick in his mouth. He learned a few things from the way Elder Riley sucked his dick last time, and now he really works over Elder Riley’s dick, sucking it, taking it deep in his throat, licking the head and balls. Elder Riley runs a hand through his hair and pulls Elder Buckley’s head down on his dick. Then Elder Buckley stands and they kiss again—both of them can taste Elder Riley’s dick on Elder Buckley’s breath.

Elder Riley starts to take off Elder Buckley’s pants, but Elder Buckley flips him around and puts him on his hands and knees. Elder Buckley strips off his pants and garments and pulls out his monster cock, stroking it while he plays with the ass Elder Riley has offered up to him. Then he drops to his knees and sticks his tongue in it. Elder Riley feels completely exposed, but the risk makes him feel more horny than he has ever felt in his life. As Elder Buckley licks his balls and his asshole, he thinks about all the Mormon boys he ever had a crush on as a young man. And when his companion slides his fat dick into his wet hole, it’s the culmination of all those adolescent fantasies.

Elder Buckley’s dick is so big that when it goes in Elder Riley’s ass it takes his breath away. He concentrates on relaxing and letting it all the way in. Elder Buckley knows he should go slow, but he can’t wait — he shoves his dick all the way in and starts to pound away. While he fucks Elder Riley, he takes off his shirt and garment and tosses them on the floor. He spreads his legs a little wider and gives his companion a good hard fuck. But Elder Riley asks to be fucked even harder, and Elder Buckley rises to the challenge, giving him a solid pounding that pushes the chair he’s on nearly off the stage.

They move the operation to the floor so that Elder Buckley can fuck him as hard as he wants. Elder Riley gets on his back and Elder Buckley bends his legs back with his giant hands. He’s breathing hard and starting to sweat. “Faster,” says Elder Riley. He can’t get enough. He closes his eyes and takes the abuse being unleashed on his ass. Elder Buckley flips him over and fucks him doggy style. As he gets close to cumming, he speeds up and starts to pull Elder Riley deeper onto his dick with his hands. Elder Riley is completely his, he can do whatever he wants with him. He can’t take it any longer — he pulls his hard dick out and shoots cum all over Elder Riley’s hole, and then shoves it back in, pushing all of his cum deep into his companion’s hole. He gives him a few more slow thrusts, breathing hard and leaning in for a kiss.

But as it turns out, they were not alone. Brother Newman is hiding behind a curtain and he watches the whole scene. He slips his own dick out of his suit pants and plays with it. He can hear them gasping and moaning, and he can hear the sound of flesh slapping on flesh. He gets his dick hard and takes a peek now and then at the two young bodies slamming each other. It looks like he’s going to have to have a word with the Mission President about these two unchaste elders.

Elder Parker   INSPECTION

Elder Parker has heard the gossip about inspections with Bishop Angus [More]

The greenie waits nervously until the bishop is ready, then takes a seat in his office. He tells the bishop almost immediately that he has heard about what goes on in these inspections, so the bishop wastes no time in getting him naked and sticking it in. 

Elder Parker is a quick learner. He’s only been on his mission a few weeks, and he already knows how to take a dick like a champ! The bishop moves him from one position to the next, testing every inch of the elder’s hungry ass. 

Elder Parker isn’t feeling nervous any more. He knows he has impressed the bishop and that he’ll pass the inspection with flying colors. But he won’t be satisfied until he has made the bishop cum. On the other hand, he doesn’t want this to be over yet. 

The bishop has climbed on top of the greenie and buries his dick deep inside him. Because he’s so inexperienced, Elder Parker cums almost before he knows it. Wet and relaxed, the bishop’s dick still inside him, he feels proud and happy. And watching the boy get fucked for the first time makes the bishop’s dick ache. He starts to shake as he fills the boy’s ass with his cum. 

Elder Parker thinks they’d have more luck baptizing people if all bishops were as friendly as Bishop Angus.

Elder Buckley & Elder Riley   COMPANIONSHIP INVENTORY

Companionship inventory is a time for these two elders to get to know each other [More]

They don’t waste any time — their clothes come off and they’re down to their garments in a heart beat. Elder Buckley takes off his top too, showing off his muscular chest and flat belly. Elder Riley lies down and throws his legs in the air, and through his garments Elder Buckley massages his buttonhole with a thumb. Then he spreads the garment open and starts to play with his hairy hole. He spits on his hands and wets his ass, then slips a finger in. It’s tight and warm. Then he slips in another finger and feels the hole relax around them. Both elders are hard and eager to fuck. Elder Riley feels like the luckiest missionary in the church.

Elder Buckley slips off his garment bottoms and gives his big, hard dick another tug before slipping it into Elder Riley’s willing ass. It feels just like he imagined. His companion is much bigger and stronger. He grabs one ankle and holds the leg in the air while he puts another giant hand on his companion’s dick and balls. He fucks his companion hard, and the dick is so big it fills him all the way up.

They stop for a second because Elder Buckley wants a better look at his companion’s body. He pulls the garments off of Elder Riley’s lean frame, then lays him down on his back and starts to fuck him again. It’s all Elder Riley can do not to cum. His whole body wants to explode, but he resists it because he does not want the fucking to end.
Then Elder Buckley picks him up and moves him to the couch. He grabs both legs and folds Elder Riley into a ball, then pounds his big dick into his ass. Elder Riley is happy to lie back and let his companion take total control. He stares up into Elder Buckley’s eyes — he would let him do anything to his body. Elder Buckley can tell his companion is on the verge of cumming, so he pulls out and sits back and makes Elder Riley suck him. Elder Riley wraps his mouth around the big dick, then swallows it as deep as he can.

Elder Buckley lets his companion get his dick hard and wet, then puts him on his hands and knees and fucks him from behind. Putting his companion’s dick in his mouth had completely turned on Elder Riley, and now bent over and whimpering his dick is screaming to cum. He strokes it slowly and holds off as long as he can, letting his companion ram him over and over again. Finally, it’s too much. He shoots a big wad all over the couch. Elder Buckley pulls out and cums all over his hole, then shoves his big sticky dick back in and gives Elder Riley a few more pumps.

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