Elder Buckley & Elder Riley SETTING APART

While a missionary’s primary task is to convert other people, many elders find [More]

Once they join the boys in the other room, they get right down to business. The two boys are eager to please these handsome men, and they do as they’re told, stripping out of their proselyting clothes, down to their tight white priesthood garments. They feel vulnerable, sitting in the middle of these older men dressed in suits, while they sit there almost naked. But they also feel protected and loved, knowing that they can trust their leaders to do what is right for them. Bishop Angus puts the boys back to back, or butt to butt to be exact, and Patriarch Smith gets to work on Elder Buckley’s massive dick while he takes Elder Riley’s handsome cock in his mouth. They want to get the boys warmed up before showering them in cum.

Elder Riley gets hard immediately. Having all these older guys worship him is a fantasy finally coming true. Elder Buckley is a little more nervous, so it takes him longer, but soon his fat dick is stiffening in the patriarch’s sure grip. Brother Newman and Elder Hardt have both started to play with their big hard dicks as they watch the boys get serviced. They’re both eager to get some attention for their throbbing dicks.

At a sign from the bishop, they join the circle and begin the process of setting the two boys apart. The naked boys drop to their knees. Brother Newman slips his hard dick into Elder Riley’s wet mouth, and Elder Hardt face-fucks Elder Buckley. Elder Buckley usually likes to be the dominant one, but being taken by another hot young stud is surprisingly exciting. As his face is punished by Elder Hardt, his own balls and dick start to throb with a big load. He’d ask Elder Hardt to keep pounding his throat, but his mouth is full. Elder Riley meanwhile pulls out all the stops on Brother Newman’s dick, licking and sucking like a pro. Brother Newman is impressed with how much the boy has learned in so short a time. Patriarch Smith and Bishop Angus stroke their dicks while thy watch approvingly.

The most important moment of setting them apart is when the leaders all cum on the boys’ heads. The insemination is a symbol of their intimate bond, and it’s an experience the boys will never forget. The four men performing the ordinance take turns playing with their dicks and fucking the boys’ willing mouths, and then when they’re ready they cum on the boys’ faces one at a time. Bishop Angus and Brother Neman decorate Elder Riley’s pretty face with their cum, and then Elder Hardt, moaning with pleasure, drops an enormous load on Elder Buckley’s chin. The load is so big the boy doesn’t know what to do at first, but quickly realizes he should lick all the extra cum from the head of the other missionary’s dick.

Sometimes priesthood duties are a chore, and sometimes there’s nothing else a hot young mormon boy would rather do.



Elder Berry & Elder Stewart   THIRD DISCUSSION

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart are taking turns [More]

He runs a hand over Elder Stewart’s hard dick as he wets and loosens his hole with his tongue.
“How does that feel?” Angel asks. He can hardly believe he has the two Mormon missionaries rimming.
“It feels good,” says Elder Stewart with a huge grin.
Angel can’t decide which of them he likes more, the little innocent or his mischievous companion. Luckily, he doesn’t have to choose.
“I want you to slowly rub your cock against his hole,” he tells Elder Berry. He loves using filthy language with these boys. Elder Berry sits up, takes his dick in his hand and presses the head of his penis against that sweet Mormon hole. Angel watches and jerks off his fat dick. As Elder Berry explores his companion’s butt, his dick gets harder and harder. Both boys are silently obeying Angel’s orders. Missionaries are nothing if not obedient.
Angel has Elder Stewart’s balls in his hand. “I want you to slowly penetrate his hole,” he tells Elder Berry. Elder Stewart’s hole is tight, and Elder Berry can’t get his dick in at first. He pulls back and teases the hole a little bit more. Elder Stewart’s legs are in the air, and Angel pins him to the couch with an arm across his chest. Elder Berry’s dick slides right in with a gasp from Elder Stewart.
He takes It easy at first, sliding his dick gently in and out. Angel is completely slack-jawed as he watches. “Give it to him,” he says. “Don’t be shy.” Elder Berry wants to satisfy Angel, so he lays into his companion harder. Elder Stewart’s flat belly is flexed as he takes his companion’s cock, and he has a big smile on his pretty face. The weight of Angel’s arm on his chest makes the fuck that much hotter.
When Elder Berry has worked him over, Angel says “I want to see you pound him on top of me.” He lies down on the couch and positions the boy in his lap. Then Elder Berry climbs in and sticks his dick in Elder Stewart’s ass. Angel takes the boy’s knees in his big hands while his companion pounds away at him. Elder Stewart is cradled in his arms like a baby.
Angel says he wants to see them flip, so Elder Berry kneels on the couch and Elder Stewart slides his big hard cock right into his willing hole. He hasn’t warmed Elder Berry up at all, so it hurts a little, but Elder Berry takes the cock like champ, closing his eyes and gasping with each thrust. You can see every muscle in Elder Stewart’s lean body as he works his dick in and out of his companion’s ass. Angel sits back and strokes his big dick, taking in the whole hot scene. He can tell from all the noise that Elder Berry is struggling to accommodate his companion’s fat dick. Every time Elder Stewart gets the dick all the way up his ass, Elder Berry claws at the couch like he’s trying to get away. Elder Stewart is so new at this, that Angel decides to help him out. He puts a hand on the missionary’s lower back and shows him how to really thrust his cock up into his companion’s butt. Elder Berry is in agony and also total bliss.

Elder Stewart has really taken to flicking his companion. His giant dick throbs as he slams it into Elder Berry’s ass. Angel watches the pounding and he needs to feel the elder’s wet hole wrapped around his dick. Angel gets up on his knees behind the missionary’s, his huge dick is rock hard. Both missionaries are now sweaty and red from exertion, and Angel wants to work up a sweat too. He slides in close, and then works his fat cock into Elder Stewart’s ass. The feel of that tight Mormon asshole on his big dick is just as good as he’d imagined all those nights he’s slept above them in the bunk bed. The three boys are sandwiched together.

Now that both of the missionaries’ holes have been fucked, Angel has them sit back down on the couch. He wants to watch them cum. Elder Stewart slides his arm under Angel ass, and the three jerk themselves off. Angel is picturing the two boys fucking each other. His thick meat is begging to explode. The boys are racing to keep up, and Elder Berry gets there first. He shoots a load of white cum on his belly, and the sight of his jizz makes Angel tingle. A second later, he releases a huge fountain of cum. Elder Stewart breaks into a goofy smile — he’s never seen someone cum that much before. Now that he is the last to cum, the other two start to kiss him on his pretty face. Angel cups his balls with a hand and Elder Berry nuzzles his neck.

“I want you to cum” says Angel.

“Not now,” says Elder Stewart with a sly grin. “Later.”

Elder Riley & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION

On a special trip to the temple, Elder Riley has his tight [More]

While the bishop eats his ass hot young Mormon ass, the two are bathed in the temple’s bright white light. Elder Riley is completely melted on the white altar, his hole is wet and ready for the bishop’s huge package. The bishop slips off his garments, and slowly teases the boy’s hole with his dick. When Elder Riley couldn’t possibly wait a second longer, Bishop Angus works his fat cock into his hole. Elder Riley gasps as he’s completely filled with the cock.

The bishop warms the boy up, but he knows this is a kid who can take a beating. So when he feels like Elder Riley’s hole is ready, he really lays into him. His bog hands grip the boy’s shoulders while he pounds away at his tight hole with his massive cock. He only pauses to kiss the boy roughly on the lips before countinuing with his ordination.

Bishop Angus puts Elder Riley through a series of demanding positions, making sure that the boy is worthy of the priesthood being entrusted to him. When Elder Riley has been fucked so well that not even he remembers his first name, Bishop Angus pulls out to shoot a creamy white load of cum all over the boy’s smooth ass.

Elder Riley sits up. He can feel the hot cum on his ass. He thinks about the moment he was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood as a young deacon, and all of the milestones that have led to this moment. He has never been so happy to be a true priesthood holder.

Elder Berry & Elder Stewart   SECOND DISCUSSION

After sucking off their hot houseguest through the slats of their bunk [More]

“How about you pull out that big old dick of yours?” says Elder Berry with a grin. Angel pulls down his shorts and the elders grab hold of his fat cock. Then he pulls his shorts back up. They’re just kids, really. He’s going to have to show them what to do. He starts by undressing them. He undoes Elder Stewart’s necktie and then unbuttons his shirt. Elder Berry starts to grope his companion’s cock while Angel undoes his belt and opens his fly. Angel has seen the garments before, but they still give him a weird thrill, especially knowing what their hot young bodies look like underneath.

Once Angel has Elder Stewart stripped to his garments, he moves on to Elder Berry. He starts with Elder Berry’s pants, and Elder Stewart nervously plays with his dick. He pulls his companion’s dick out through the fly, then puts it back in. Elder Berry loves being the center of all this attention. His tie comes off, and then his shirt. Now that the two boys are stripped to their garments, Angel lifts his tank top to show off his ripped body. The missionaries devour it with their eyes. They both lean forward and run their hands all over his body. Angel smiles and reassures the nervous boys — “That feels really good!” They both look up at him for instruction, and he tells Elder Berry to suck his nipple. Elder Stewart smiles and asks, “Can I suck it too?” In a flash, Angel has both missionaries on his nipples. It feels amazing.

Then the missionaries want to take charge. They make Angel sit down on the couch and yank off his shorts. They pull off his underwear slowly and play with his dick. Angel looks back and forth between them. They’re waiting for his command. “Go for it, boys.” Both boys start to lick and suck his cock and balls. He gets hard right away — he has been fantasizing about this for days. He watches the missionaries switch between sucking his dick and kissing each other.

Angel has Elder Stewart, the baby of the two, get on his feet. His boner is totally tenting his onesie garments. Angel takes his hand. “Are you the younger of you two?” Elder Stewart shyly nods. That turns Angel on. Elder Berry turns Elder Stewart around and shows Angel the garment’s buttflap. They both look at Elder Stewart’s smooth young ass, then flip him back around and unzip his onesie. He steps out of the garments and stands there, completely nude. Then Angel strips off Elder Berry’s garments. Once they’re all naked, the sex gets more serious. Elder Berry sticks his asshole in the air while he sucks Angel’s cock. Then he lets his companion take a turn and loudly licks his nuts. Angel closes his eyes and lets the boys fight to see who can be the one to get him off. He fantasizes about watching the Mormon boys fuck, and then fucking them himself. And then he decides to make the dream reality. He opens his eyes and tells the elders he wants to see them fuck.

Elder Jordan & Bishop Angus   INSPECTION

Elder Jordan has been a hard nut to crack. He was assigned [More]

Stripped to his garments, there’d be no way to hide his erection from the bishop. His dick twitches a little.

“No need to stop,” says the bishop. “Remove your garments.”

The elder can’t think of any reason the bishop would have to see him butt naked, unless he gets off on seeing the elders naked. Have the other missionaries had to do this, he wodners? He pulls off his garments and looks the bishop in the eye. He’s up for anything. The bishop has him come around and sit on his desk, and then tells him to get hard. Elder Jordan doesn’t say a word — he looks down at his meaty dick, and then starts to tug on it. As he plays with himself, he gets harder and harder. He wonders how his dick compares to the other missionaries who have put on a show like this for the bishop. He bets his is bigger. He spits on his hand, and gets the fat head of his dick wet. He wants to impress the bishop with a big cum shot if necessary.

And Bishop Angus is impressed by the elder’s big dick. He knew if he showed a little faith, Elder Jordan’s heart would be softened — and his dick hardened. Bishop Angus undoes his pants and pulls out his own big boner. Elder Jordan doesn’t bat an eye. Soon, the bishop and the missionary are both stroking their hard dicks for each other.

Elder Jordan keeps looking around the room, trying to avoid making eye contact with the bishop. He’s too ashamed to look him in the eye. But the thought that they’re both jerking off together makes him want to cum. Bishop Angus can tell the boy is nervous, so he tells him he’s doing a good job, and that he wants to see him cum.

Elder Jordan puts a hand down on the desk and jerks himself off harder. He can’t help moaning a little bit. The bishop strokes himself more slowly. He wants to see the boy shoot first, and he can tell it won’t be long. He runs his eyes over Elder Jordan’s perfect body while he masturbates. All of his muscles are tensed as he gets ready to shoot his load.

When he can’t keep it in any longer, he points his dick at his chest and leans back on the desk. He’s beating his dick hard and fast, and with a groan he drops a wad of warm jizz on his flat belly.

The elder had passed his inspection, but the bishop wants to shoot his load too. He makes the missionary lie down on the desk, then stands over him and jerks off while Elder Jordan runs a hand through the cum on his belly. Bishop Angus grabs his nuts and pulls them hard as he climaxes. He leans over the elder and shoots a giant load from his big red dick all over the elder’s chest. And then, to complete the initiation, he takes a handful of the cum and anoints the elder’s forehead.

Bishop Jordan wasn’t sure Elder Jordan was ready for his sweaty, cum-drenched initiation — but “whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies!”

Elder Buckley & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION

Elder Buckley gets ordained hard by Bishop Angus. [More]

Then he takes the boy’s face in his hands and starts to kiss him. Elder Buckley takes off the bishop’s top and gropes his ass. And then the bishop slides the boy’s garment bottoms to the floor, grabbing his firm butt and stroking his fat dick. He steps out of his own garments and the boy grabs his dick and jerks it.

The bishop’s rickety, red altar dates all the way back to the pioneers. It’s impossible to know how many young men have been stripped naked and fucked on it. Today is Elder Buckley’s turn. The bishop turns him around and pushes him onto the altar. Elder Buckley looks back at the bishop, who drops to his knees and buries his face in the boy’s beautiful ass. The bishop really knows his way around an asshole. As he licks and sucks, Elder Buckley relaxes and pushes his ass back into the bishop’s face. He has never felt anything like this. The bishop stands up, takes the boy’s leg in hand, and helps him climb onto the altar.

To be ordained,Elder Buckley will have to take the bishop’s dick in several positions. The bishop puts the boy on his back, his legs up in the air. The bishop wets Elder Buckley’s hole, grabs his ankles, and then presses the head of his dick against his ass. Elder Buckley can feel how thick the dick is as it presses against his hole, trying to get in. When it does slip in, just a little, his hole has to stretch to fit it. He’s completely stuffed. He gasps, and the bishop pulls back a little, then presses in again. With each thrust, his dick slides deeper up the elder’s butt until it’s all the way in. He fucks the boy gently, then flips him over on his belly and fucks him from behind. Elder Buckley can’t believe he has so much hard meat up his ass. The altar is creaking as the two men fuck on top of it. Before the boy can cum, the bishop flips him back over and toys with his hole. Elder Buckley clutches his big red boner in his hand. He doesn’t want to stroke it because he’s afraid he’ll cum before the bishop is through.

The bishop puts him on his back once more and puts his dick in. This time, he isn’t gentle at all. He slams his dick into Elder Buckley’s ass, and Elder Buckley’s dick throbs in his hand. He’s not sure how much more of this he can take. He’s either going to cum or pass out or maybe both. But the bishop is getting worked up too. He spits on his dick to keep the fuck smooth, and stares down at the boy’s handsome face and beefy body. He tells the boy he’s going to cum a few seconds before he does, and Elder Buckley watches the bishop yank his dick out and spray his cum all over his ass and his balls. Then the bishop sticks his dick right back in and fucks the cum up his hole.

Elder Buckley: welcome to the higher priesthood.

Elder Berry & Elder Stewart   DRIPPING WET

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart were having sex outside (coming soon) when [More]

“Right here,” says Elder Stewart, putting their clothes in a pile to make the hard floor a little more comfortable for his companion. They haven’t made it even five feet from the front door. He kisses his companion and fingers his tight hole and gripes his ass. His dick gets hard as he thinks about stuffing it up his companion’s butt. Elder Berry lies down on his back, and Elder Stewart gets between his legs and starts to push his dick into his hole. Elder Berry breathes harder and shifts as he tries to take the dick in his ass. After a few seconds, his butt relaxes and Elder Stewart slides his fat dick right in.

Elder Stewart lifts up his companion’s leg and starts to fuck him slowly. His round butt flexes with each thrust. When he realizes his companion is still wearing his dress socks, he smiles and pulls them off before continuing. Elder Berry is tugging on his cock, but not too hard because he doesn’t want to cum yet. He wants the fucking to go on forever—or at least the next two years.

Elder Berry throws his legs up onto Elder Stewart’s shoulders, allowing Elder Stewart to stick his dick even deeper into his ass. He’s fucking faster now, pounding his dick into his companion’s hole. He looks at his companion lying there, wet and naked and his eyes half-shut. Of all the things he pictured when he was a little boy dreaming about his mission — two mormon missionaries on bikes, two mormon missionaries going to the temple, two mormon missionaries baptizing new converts — he never once imagined two mormon missionaries fucking!

Elder Berry has completely surrendered his ass to his companion. He lifts his ass even higher in the air and grabs his ankles. Elder Stewart plays with his dick. but he can’t take his eyes off his own dick sliding in and out of his companion’s ass. He’s just learning how to fuck, and he wants to try everything: shallow thrusts, deep thrusts, quick thrusts, slow thrusts. He puts his dick in so deep at one point that Elder Berry gasps and has to pull away for a second. But this only makes Elder Stewart even more worked up. He pounds away faster and faster, his flat abs flexed, his tight white butt waling away.

Then Elder Stewart tries a new position.He lies down on his back and Elder Berry climbs on top. Elder Berry takes his dick and guides it into his butt. It goes in even deeper than before, and Elder Stewart starts to feel like he’s losing control. Elder Berry leans down for a long hard kiss, then collapses onto Elder Stewart’s chest while Elder Stewart pounds up into him.

Next, Elder Stewart wants to try fucking his companion from behind. Elder Berry lies face down on the floor, and Elder Stewart climbs on top, sliding his dick into his hole. He can’t see his companion’s face, but he can tell from all of the moaning that his companion loves having his dick shoved up his ass. Elder Stewart fucks him slowly, and Elder Berry’s whole body moves with each thrust. Elder Stewart can’t take his eyes off his own dick. He can’t believe how good it feels to be buried so deep in his companion.

All of this fucking, and the sound of his wet dick in his companion’s ass, and his big balls bouncing off his butt, makes Elder Stewart want to cum. He brings his head close to his companion’s and fucks him faster and faster. Even as he wonders if it’s okay to cum inside his companion or he should pull out, it’s too late. His load has already shot out of his hard dick and plastered the inside of his companion’s pink ass. Elder Berry knows what has happened, and he doesn’t mind. Who doesn’t like getting wet?

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