Elder Larsen is feeling pretty cocky. He has a perfect body, and he knows it [More]

Meanwhile, Elder Butler, who has been dominated and fucked whenever Larsen is horny, is snickering and enjoying his companion’s discomfort.

“I masturbated, but I repented. It’s in the past.”

President Woodruff doesn’t respond to the boy’s defense of his actions. He continues in the same angry tone: “It also says you fucked several other missionaries. Is that true?” Elder Larsen is shocked. Who turned him in? Was it Elder Butler?

But he knows better than to deny the accusation. “Yes. It’s true.”

President Woodruff knows just what kind of punishment this cocky kid needs. “Well, you’ve fucked them. But have you ever been fucked?”

“No sir. Never. I only fucked them.”

“Well, you’re about to find out what it feels like. I’m going to do what you did to them — times ten.”

Elder Larsen is scared, but also turned on. None of the other boys have been man enough to question his dominance, but President Woodruff makes him feel like a powerless little boy.

President Woodruff takes off his own necktie, then demands both Butler’s tie and Larsen’s. He strips Elder Larsen and bends his naked body over his desk. He ties Larsen’s left hand down, and then his right hand. Larsen’s arms are stretched wide, and his asshole is exposed.

Then the president puts the final tie around Larsen’s neck, ties it to the desk and cinches it tight. Larsen squirms uncomfortably, but he doesn’t complain. He’s almost looking forward to the pounding that’s coming his way. The president wets a finger and sticks it in the boy’s tight hole.

Fucking the boy’s young virginal hole is going to be a mixture of pleasure and pain for Elder Larsen. Probably quite a lot of exquisite pain before the boy learns to love it. But he will, and Woodruff can’t wait to get started.

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci CORRELATION MEETING

Elder Lindsay and Elder Ricci have been dreaming about cock [More]

And since Elder Ricci also has a giant tool, 11 inches of giant throbbing dick to be exact, Brother Johnson wants to watch the young Mormon bareback fuck his companion in the ass.

He wants to hear the boy’s balls slapping against his companion’s butt as he thrusts, and to see the look in Ricci’s eyes as he watches his own dick enter and exit Elder Lindsay, and he wants to stuff his dick in Lindsay’s mouth so that the boy is plugged at both ends.

And finally, when Ricci has proven that he can top like a champ, he wants Ricci to cum on his companion’s hole, and then shove his sticky cock back in. And then he wants to fuck Lindsay himself while his hole is still warm and wet with Elder Ricci’s cum, and add his own cum to the load while Elder Lindsay shoots on his belly.

Brother Johnson has been writing this Mormon bareback porn scene in his mind since long before he met these two, but here it all is playing out in front of him. The very thing he never would have imagined actually happening in real life…



Elder Miller   INITIATION

Elder Miller and Elder Peterson are silent as they take off their proselytizing clothes [More]

He’s very solemn, and the gravity of his demeanor inspires both seriousness and longing in the nearly naked Mormon boy standing before him.

“Elder Miller,” he says, “today I will clothe you in the garment of the holy priesthood. Having authority, I will wash and anoint you according to traditions given anciently. We will begin with your head.”

As the handsome older man speaks the words of the ordinance, Elder Miller’s mind wanders. He looks down at the man’s big hands, and he pictures them touching his body in the more intimate parts of this ritual.

He knows that in a few moments, the man will touch his lips, his neck, his belly, his loins. He wonders if the older man is also turned on by this encounter, and if he’ll be tempted to let his hand linger longer than necessary, or if he’ll brush against his cock or his nuts, or if maybe he’ll even take his penis in his hand and masturbate him.

Maybe he’ll take the boy’s cock in his mouth and give him a gloriously wet blowjob. Elder Miller thinks about how hot it would be to shoot a giant load all over his mission president’s face.

At the thought, the boy become hard, his dick straining against the thin temple garment.

Elder Peterson is trying to be good, but he can’t resist stealing a glance at his very hot mission president in his white suit, and his handsome companion, whose perfect, muscular body is on full display.

Peterson runs his eyes over the two of them, then reaches down and strokes his dick.

As the president sensually massages the boy’s body — beginning with his head and neck, then moving down his body to his meaty cock — Elder Peterson develops a throbbing erection. He wants to see the other Mormon boy cum, and then he wants a turn.

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci   CORRELATION MEETING

Elders Lindsay and Ricci are Mormon missionaries … and secret boyfriends [More]

The way the sexy priesthood leader had handled their bodies, and the way he had used his giant tool to pound them, one after the other, gave sex a whole new meaning for them.

They have been screwing each other every opportunity they get, and masturbating when they can’t get their hands on each others’ cocks, and yet they’re still constantly horny. And they’ve been desperate with anticipation for one more chance with Brother Johnson.

That’s why they are so eager for him to arrive. And when Brother Johnson finally knocks on the door, their anxiety evaporates. He enters their apartment with a smile, radiating confidence. The boys wait for him to make the first move.

Within minutes, he has both of them stripped naked and begging for his big, hard cock. And he is all too happy to oblige.


Patriarch Smith is well aware of the powerful effect he has [More]

The man spreads his cheeks and starts to toy with his hole, and the pleasure is so intense that Elder Stewart moans. The patriarch immediately claps a hand over his mouth, which makes it hard for him to breathe but also make his dick start to drip precum. The sticky substance gets on the patriarch’s pants, and he dabs it with a finger and tastes it.

Now that the boy is fully aroused, the patriarch positions him up upside-down on the floor between his legs. He plays with the boy’s huge balls and and strokes his massive cock, then opens his hole with a finger.

Then he shows the boy a huge dildo, glistening with the sacred anointing oil The Order uses to make the boys’ holes pliable. Elder Stewart isn’t sure he can take a toy that big in his tight hole, but the patriarch knows that with a little patience and a little force, he’ll soon have it in to the hilt.

…And then pound the boy with it until he has a loud, messy orgasm.

Elder Peterson   ORDINATION

Ever since he was a little boy, Elder Peterson dreamed of going to the temple [More]

Elder Peterson serves in an area with a temple and now comes to the temple regularly. Each time he learns more about the secret rituals. He used to fantasize about having sex in this holy place with the man who first washed and anointed him. Come to find out, his fantasies might be closer to reality than he thought.

Today, Bishop Angus has asked the boy to meet him in one of the temple’s secret rooms. Elder Peterson has been intimate with the bishop before, and the thought of being pounded by his big dick here in the holy temple is almost more than the boy can stand.

It goes without saying that the bishop is excited for this encounter, too. He loves the boy’s sweet, innocent personality, and his pale, hairless, muscular body, and his big dick and delicious ass. He can’t wait to strip the boy naked, hammer his tight hole, and cum on his beautiful, muscular butt.


All young mormon men who enter into the true order of the priesthood are [More]

The Brethren of the Order have come up with a useful, and mandatory, solution. Every boy that is considered as a candidate to receive the higher priesthood is forced to undergo disciplinary action for all of the sins they can and can’t remember. Only then can they join the True Order.

In this way, they can atone for their transgressions, meet the high moral standards of the order, prove their submissiveness, and provide the presiding elders of the Order their right and privilege…specifically the sexual satisfaction that comes with humiliating and punishing the young male initiates.

The Brethren have waited a long time for today’s candidate, Elder Stewart, whose cute face, big thick 10 inch dick, hungry hole and sexual availability are infamous.

Elder Stewart has begun the process of admission into the Order, and has enjoyed the process so far, having been initiated by Patriarch Smith in a sensual temple ceremony, and then inspected by Bishop Angus in his office, which involved a physical evaluation and being fucked hard.

Elder Stewart knows today will be be more painful and difficult, but he is willing to do whatever it takes to be one of the boys accepted by, and ultimately ordained by the handsome, powerful men into the True Order of the Higher Priesthood.

Elder Larsen   INITIATION

President Woodruff knows the powerful effect he has on boys. [More]

Hidden here together in the white curtains shot through with the bright temple lights, President Woodruff can feast his eyes on the boy’s luscious, muscular body.

In a matter of moments, the president has dropped to his knees and taken the boy’s stiffening cock in his mouth. President Woodruff knows how to take care of the boy like he’s never been blown before.

As Woodruff sucks and licks the boy’s cock, Elder Larsen wants to moan but struggles to keep quiet. He doesn’t want to call attention to what’s going on here, inside the holy temple.

As President Woodruff works him toward orgasm, the boy feels his nuts grasped hard in the older man’s big strong hand. And then, with a moan, he can’t hold in, and fills President Woodruff’s mouth with hot white cum, and watches it dribble back down the hard shaft of his cock.

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