Elders Butler, Isaacs, & Larsen GROUP INSPECTION

President Woodruff had the three missionaries exactly where he wanted them [More]

He stood in the doorway just out of view and watched, but President Woodruff sure as hell wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to join in their naked fun. He decided to enter just after the first of the trio climaxed.

By now Elders Larsen and Butler have caught on that President Woodruff showing up is hardly a coincidence. He set this whole thing up. Furthermore, he clearly likes fooling around with them as much as they do with each other.

But while they aren’t really worried and understand that the President’s bark is worse than his bite, poor Elder Isaacs does not. When the President orders the boys to kneel up on the white temple couch, Elder Isaacs is full of anxiety. What will happen if they are sent home? Why aren’t they getting dressed?

Elder Larsen, sensing his companion’s concerns, whispers reassurance to his companion that everything will be fine. But Elder Isaacs is hardly reassured.

“Your companion is right, you have nothing to worry about Elder Isaacs.” President Woodruff says while gently tugging on Elder Larsen’s low hanging balls.

The president puts a big warm hand on Elder Isaac’s ass and asks, “Everything you have been doing with your companions, it felt good, right?” Isaacs has to agree that it felt good — more than good.

The president shifts his hand and starts to gently nudge the boy’s asshole with his fingertips as he continues, “Why would we be created to experience something that feels so good, if it were, in fact, so bad? Tonight I’m going to let you boys in on a very special secret.”

The feel of a man’s strong hand on his ass was making Elder Isaacs leak precum from his dick, which was now hard again. He had just fucked Elder Butler, but now he was hard and his cock was leaking like a faucet. His anxiety melted, and his big brown eyes stared back at the president like a puppy begging for food.

Amused by the boy’s expression, President Woodruff smiles at him and continues, “That’s right Elder Isaacs, I’m going to fuck this sweet ass of yours until you cum. Tonight will be your priesthood inspection. I think all three of you are going to be very receptive to the message I have to share with you.”

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci COMPANIONSHIP STUDY

Elder Ricci doesn’t know why the mission president asked him and his companion [More]

Elder Ricci can’t stop thinking about Elder Lindsay’s smooth, round butt and his tight little hole, while Elder Lindsay can’t stop fantasizing about swallowing a big hot load of Elder Ricci’s cum while choking on his monsterous cock.

But Elder Ricci is way too nervous that they might get caught to initiate anything.

Elder Lindsay, on the other hand, is more fearless. He knows the mission president and his wife are away. And even if the mission president were to catch them — Elder Lindsay wouldn’t mind taking some corporal punishment from that hunky, albeit stern, older man.

So with what he assumes is very little to lose, and lots to gain, he seeks out his companion in the common room, his cock already hard and throbbing, eager to get sucked off.



Elders Butler, Isaacs, & Larsen   AFTER HOURS

Mormon missionaries are held to very high standards of conduct. [More]

And the later it gets, the more hyper they become. Eventually, they start horsing around. Elder Larsen is walking around in his socks, and he rubs them on the carpet to build up an electrical charge, then chases Elder Isaacs around the room to shock him.

Elder Butler watches, hoping that they’ll keep the noise down so that they don’t get in trouble. He can’t shake the feeling that they’re being watched. And he has reason to be anxious. His experiences in the last few weeks tell him that there’s a lot going on that no one talks about. But it’s ALL he can think about.

What if not just these guys, but all or nearly all the boys in his mission are having sex? And not just that, what if the priesthood leaders don’t just know about it, what if they are the ones recruiting specific boys to this mission and putting them in specific companionships? What if they are orchestrating this whole thing?

Last week Elder Butler told President Woodruff about the sex he had been having on his mission. He confessed everything. This was, after all, not just a priesthood leader…he was also the doctor who recently had jerked him off on the exam table in his office.

President Woodruff asked for lots of details, but in the end Elder Butler left the meeting feeling like everything was going to be ok. He wouldn’t be sent home. In fact, as long as he didn’t go around talking about it, President said there was nothing harmful about boys playing around and getting off together.

But then Elder Butler and Elder Larsen were called in to meet with President Woodruff, and the President used Butler’s confession to put the boys in their places just before he fucked Elder Larsen’s brains out. But once again, instead of getting sent home the boys left that meeting feeling like they were part of something bigger. Something secret. And this something had Elder Butler worried.

Elder Larsen, who’s always down for a little mischief, senses Elder Butler’s discomfort — and leaps on it.

“You’re being awfully quiet,” he says.

“No, I’m good. It’s just funny to be here when the temple is empty.”

“Oh, so you’re not uncomfortable?” Elder Larsen asks, before he and Elder Isaacs doggrel on the smaller boy. Elder Butler fights back, but he can’t help laughing — and getting turned on. It’s a crazy thought, but he really hopes that the other boys will strip him naked and fuck him, right here in the temple.

The risk makes the fantasy that much more enticing. And indeed, as the other boys pin him to the couch and tickle him, Elder Larsen takes the opportunity to plant a hard wet kiss on the boy’s lips, and then hunky Elder Isaacs steals a kiss too as he unbuttons Elder Butler’s shirt.

In a moment, Elder Butler is hard, and his face is flushed. His whole body has a sexual reaction to being manhandled by the other missionaries.

As soon as they have him stripped, Elder Larsen and Elder Isaacs take off their clothes, and Elder Butler appreciates their incredible bodies while they work out the details of who has the pleasure of pounding Butler’s willing hole.

All three of them are scared that they may get caught, though none of them speak their fear. Instincts drive the fear, even after Larsen and Butler told Isaacs about their experience with President Woodruff in the Bishop’s office. And the fear is indistinguishable from something else – the thrill that one of their hunky priesthood leaders might catch them in the act.

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci   COMPANIONSHIP STUDY

The mission home is the heart and the brain of the Mormon missionary operation [More]

Of course, having all this free time makes both of them very horny. Elder Ricci is reading his scriptures in the common room, trying not to think about his companion’s tight, smooth hole. But his mind keeps wandering, and he’s more than a little afraid that he might get an erection.

Elder Lindsay, meanwhile, is fantasizing about his companion’s giant dick, and how good it would feel to have that dick inside of him. He waits around in the bedroom, thinking that eventually Elder Ricci will get horny and come find him.

When he doesn’t, Elder Lindsay decides to take the initiative, whatever the risk.

He finds Ricci in the other room, dutifully reading his scriptures. The sight of the other boy’s toned body, and the big bulge showing through his sheer Mormon underwear, gets Lindsay immediately hard. He sits down opposite Ricci and slowly, deliberately takes off all of his clothes.

Ricci watches, a disapproving look on his face, but says nothing. He knows what Lindsay is up to, but he’s terrified that someone will catch them.

Once Elder Lindsay is down to his underwear, and Ricci has an erection, he knows that he won’t be able to resist Elder Lindsay’s advances, and that in a few seconds the other boy will wrap his lips around his cock and beg to be fucked, right here, where anyone could catch them…


Elder Larsen has been on the verge of cumming since President Woodruff [More]

If he hadn’t already been loosened up, having his hole tortured like this would be excruciating — instead, he pushes back onto the thumb. If anything, it’s a relief after the pounding he’s just had, and the one he’s about to receive.

President Woodruff slides his dick back in the boy’s warm hole. Elder Larsen squirms. This is unlike anything he has ever imagined. A pearl of precum dribbles out of the head of his cock and hangs there.

As the man starts to fuck him, slowly at first, then faster and harder, the ball of precum dangles on a thin thread of fluid and swings back and forth. Elder Larsen could cum right now, but he resists the impulse.

His companion, Elder Butler, has been enjoying the performance thoroughly, but now President Woodruff orders him to strip naked, lie down between Larsen’s legs, and suck his dick.

The cute boy immediately obeys, happy to have his lips wrapped around his companion’s dripping cock. Elder Larsen’s flat, muscular stomach smashes into his forehead with every vigorous thrust from the president.

Elder Butler wonders — will he be able to suck a load out of Elder Larsen before the president fills up his hole with cum?

Elder Stewart   ORDINATION

The innocent-looking, but insatiable, Mormon boy knows what he’s in for [More]

It’s Elder Stewart’s favorite part of these erotic rendezvous, when the man’s guard is dropped just a little, and he can glimpse the passion that clearly exists when the bishop is introducing young men into the sex-centered priesthood in the highest echelons of Mormonism.

Their other encounters, intense and painful in their own right, paled in comparison to the sexual marathon the bishop puts Elder Stewart through inside the holy temple.

By this time the boy’s discipline and obedience have already been tested by members of the sexual cult known as The Order. Elder Stewart’s ordination by a hyper sexual gay priest pushes the boy to his physical limits, with the muscular priesthood holder giving him an unbelievable pounding in a myriad of positions.

While previous sexual encounters involve cumming on the boy’s back, balls, adorable puckered hole or beautiful young face, an ordination is different. The goal of an ordination is to breed the boy by pushing seed into his body as deeply as possible.

After holding the man’s big body up as it hammers into his small frame, the boy will walk away dizzy and weak in the legs. But not before the aggressive top can complete the ritual by shooting his hot load deep inside the boy and then slowly pulling back to reveal a trail of semen that he scoops up and uses to anoint the angel-faced kid on the forehead…


There are lots of things that President Woodruff loves about his interactions with [More]

He asks Elder Larsen to bring his companion, Elder Butler, along — knowing that the boy will be eager to see his domineering companion get tamed and fucked. He has also decided to tie the handsome young man to his desk, cruciform, his arms spread wide and his head strapped down.

He wasn’t sure how the macho missionary would react to this degradation, but he can immediately tell that the boy loves. He does what he’s told without a moment’s hesitation, and the older man can actually feel the boy’s tense body relax as he’s given orders.

President Woodruff runs his hand down Larsen’s perfect naked body, from the nape of his neck along his muscular back to his firm ass and his tight hole. Elder Larsen’s hole puckers when the president’s hand grazes it, but when he holds his finger there and applies a gentle pressure, he feels the muscles relax and loosen around his thick finger.

Finally the moment arrives when the President pushes his hard dick in, piercing the boy’s vulnerable tight hole. The boy whimpers loudly as his asshole opens and the girthy cock slides in. Woodruff sinks all the way in until his big balls are resting on Larsen’s taint just below his skewered asshole. And when Woodruff is all the way in, he nudges the boy forward with his hips, pushing his throbbing erection in as deeply as he possibly can.

Elder Larsen can hardly breath as President Woodruff’s dick is slowly pulled back and then sinks all the way in again. Woodruff continues pushing in and just as slowly pulling almost all the way out, loosening the boy’s hole with long and deliberate fuck strokes.

Watching his dick slide in and out of young Elder Larsen’s tender backside he thinks to himself, “This is going to be one epic fuck.”

Gradually the loud gasps and whimpers turn to moans and the handsome older priesthood leader grabs the boy by his waist and proceeds to give Elder Larsen the pounding of a lifetime…

Elder Stewart   ORDINATION

Over the course of his service as a full-time Mormon missionary, Elder Stewart [More]

And knowing Bishop Angus, he assumes it will take a long time and leave his buttonhole in pain. A good sort of pain.

Elder Stewart gets to the room first, and he can hardly wait for the bishop to arrive and welcome him into the Order, into full manhood, and into a secret world of sanctioned sex with men.

When Bishop Angus arrives, he tells the boy only what he needs to know and then instructs the boy to stand and undress. The presiding brethren instruct members of the order who are selected to initiate the boys to undress the young men right away.* This quickly establishes a power dynamic that is essential for the ritual.

Once Elder Stewart is naked, the tension evaporates. Bishop Angus has already fucked the boy on several occasions. But of course, today is different.

Being ordained is one of the most special occasions in a young Mormon boy’s life, and the bishop wants today’s fuck to be the one that Elder Stewart will remember for the rest of his life.

*Those performing ordinations by insemination are referred to as “father,” and are believed to become the spiritual fathers of the boys they ordain. The Ordaining Fathers tend to be ruggedly handsome priesthood leaders with terrific stamina and the virility of a teenager.

The presiding brethren hand pick the priesthood leaders who called to ordain Mormon boys into their higher priesthood. Since the origin of the secret order, Ordinations have been an observed ordinance. Since they started being filmed, the resulting archives have fueled the daddy boy fantasies for those performing AND those observing the ritual.

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