Elder Butler & Elder Peterson PREPARATION DAY PART 1

Elder Butler is a cute young gay Mormon who has a big crush on his [More]

Elder Peterson stands up. He’s built like a truck, and Elder Butler wants to touch his muscles. “Well, their girlfriends didn’t want to have sex, so I helped them out. I gave them blowjobs.”

Elder Peterson is a little shocked, but also intrigued. He has never fooled around with anyone, and the thought of getting his dick sucked is making him hard.

“Have you ever had a blow job?” Elder Butler asks. He shakes his head no. “Want one?”

Blushing, Elder Peterson says sure and Elder Butler jumps to his feet and takes off his companion’s tee shirt. His torso is massive, and it’s all rock hard muscle. Elder Butler gropes it, then he slides off his companion’s gym shorts and garments. Elder Peterson is too shy to say a word, but Elder Butler can see from his fat boner that he’s excited. Elder Butler grabs his nuts and swallows his companion’s thickening cock. Elder Peterson gasps as his companion licks the head of his cock, and he involuntarily puts his hands on Butler’s head and forces his cock down the boy’s throat…

Elders Berry, Titov, & Bishop Angus BISHOP INTERVIEW

Two young Mormon boys are interviewed and molested by the bishop. [More]

Elder Berry has already been stripped to his sacred Mormon underwear by now, and the bishop can see his hard dick through the sheer fabric. He yanks on it, then pulls the boy in for more kissing. Elder Titov is nervous, but he’s also starting to feel a little left out. Will the bishop manhandle him like that too? And the sight of the boy he has a crush on being treated roughly makes his dick ache. While the bishop gropes Elder Berry, Elder Titov takes his shirt and garment top off, revealing his ripped body. The bishop takes a good hard look. His favorite sight in the world is naked Mormon boys. “Take your pants off,” he tells Titov. And the bishop takes his own pants off, too. Elder Titov catches a glimpse of the bishop’s big, hard dick pressing against his garments.

The bishop drops to his knees and starts to eat Elder Berry’s ass. Elder Berry moans. His hole is hungry for cock. He reaches out and runs a hand down his companion’s gorgeous body, very happy to be sharing this experience with him. Elder Titov strips completely naked and strokes his dick. He loves his companion, but he doesn’t feel any jealousy at all. He is excited to see him take the bishop’s dick in his tight hole, knowing that it’ll make Elder Berry happy. The bishop sticks his thumb in Elder Berry’s hole, opening it up for his thick shaft…



Elder Roberts & Patriarch Smith   DISCIPLINARY ACTION PART 2

Missionaries must obey a set of rules that govern every aspect of their lives, [More]

He’s determined to take it all and not to cry out, but his red ass is feeling more and more sensitive to each spanking.

The patriarch’s dick is dripping. He makes Elder Roberts reposition himself face down, his ass in the older man’s lap. Then he oils up the boy’s dick and starts to jerk him off. He looks down at the boy’s tight body and hot ass while he works over his cock, and the boy closes his eyes and enjoys the hand job. His butt is still tingling from the spanking, and being serviced by the patriarch makes him feel safe and loved. He knows Patriarch Smith is staring into his ass and that he is turned on, too. As Elder Roberts fantasizes about the patriarch’s dick, he feels the cum building up in his own cock. The patriarch knows Elder Roberts is right on the edge. His dick is pulsing. He wants to get the boy’s hot white cum. He wants to swallow it.

Elder Foster & Elder Miller   COMPANIONSHIP STUDY PART 2

Elder Foster has a huge crush on the very handsome Elder Miller. [More]

And Elder Foster wonders which of them is going to cum first.

Elder Roberts & Patriarch Smith   DISCIPLINARY ACTION PART 1

Elder Roberts has been in the mission field a while now. [More]

The patriarch makes the boy stand, and then he unbuttons his shirt and lifts up his sacred underwear, revealing a rock hard belly with just a bit of body hair. Patriarch Smith roughly pinches the boys’ nipples, long and hard, and then slaps them with both hands. Elder Roberts whimpers and shies away from the sharp, sudden pain. He doesn’t object as the strong older man unbuttons his pants and yanks hard on his dick. Nor does he resist when the patriarch pulls his head back and rests on his shoulder, keeping it in the uncomfortable position with one hand. Elder Roberts knows this is supposed to be a punishment for his transgressions, but the rough treatment is making him hard, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Patriarch Smith toys with the boy’s big, hard dick through his garments. He feels the head of his dick, which is sticky with pre-cum. Then he strips the boy completely naked. Standing there nude while his priesthood leader is fully dressed in suit and tie make the boy feel completely exposed, vulnerable, and really turned on. Does the older man like his bulging dick? And his hard body?

The patriarch doesn’t tell the boy, but he does love his hard body and dick. His own dick is hard from touching the boy. But it’s his ass that the older man wants. He sits down and bends the muscular jock over his knees. He runs a hand over the elder’s smooth hard back, and then plays with his big, hairy nuts. He slides a finger along the boy’s fuzzy crack, spreading the cheeks to get a good look at his tight hole. As he runs a finger around it, it puckers.

Then comes the punishment. The patriarch slaps the boy’s butt, not too hard, and watches his face to see the reaction. The boy clenches his butt and grimaces, but the pain makes his balls ache to cum. The man winds up and hits him again harder, and this time the boy can’t stop the moan that follows. As Patriarch Smith spanks him over and over again, the blows getting sharper and louder, the boy writhes on his knee. He’s determined to take it all and not to cry out, but his red ass is feeling more and more sensitive to each spanking. And every time the patriarch pauses to play with his tight hole, Elder Roberts imagines the older man’s thick cock forcing its way in and fucking him silly…

Elder Foster & Elder Miller   COMPANIONSHIP STUDY PART 1

Elder Miller shows his new companion the ropes. [More]

Pretty soon he’s stripped down to his garments. He lies down on the bed with his scriptures, trying to relax a little after a hard morning. He wonders how his companion can be so sharp and crisp and energetic all the time. Doesn’t he ever get tired? Doesn’t ever ever want to relax?

Elder Miller feeds his eyes on the boy’s nice body, then barks out an order. “Hang up your clothes.” Elder Foster looks at his clothes, in a pile on the floor, then blushes and snaps to it. While he’s hanging them up, Elder Miller steals a glance at his round, firm butt. When the boy lies back down, Elder Miller finishes what he’s working on, then undresses himself. The boy watches him, trying not to let the other missionary notice. But he’s really obvious. He can’t stop staring at Elder Miller’s ripped body, which is completely visible through the garments. Elder Miller feels the boy’s eyes on him, but doesn’t say anything. He keeps a stern look on his face as he strips completely naked, knowing that his companion is getting more and more horny.

Elder Miller lies down on his bed, and Elder Foster can see every muscle in his hard body. His dick is throbbing, and he thinks about excusing himself so that he can go to the bathroom and relieve his impossible desire. But Elder Miller catches him looking and he smiles.

“Come give me a blowjob,” he says. Elder Foster is shocked. Is this a trick? Is his companion testing him?

“I can’t do that. I’d get sent home.”

“I saw you looking. I know you want to,” Elder Miller says. “Besides, trust me: the mission president doesn’t mind.”

Elder Foster doesn’t quite believe him, but he wants the other boy’s cock so bad that he’s willing to put his doubts aside. He stands up and nervously approaches the other missionary’s bed. He straddles Elder Miller and runs his hands up his muscular belly and chest. He’s never in his life felt anything like this. His body is hard as stone. He brings his face down close and breathes in his smell, then gives him a little kiss on the chest. He can’t believe this is happening. Pretty soon, following Elder Miller’s orders, he’s rubbing the other boy’s abs and kissing his nipples. Elder Miller is squeezing the boy’s round butt through the garments, eager for him to wrap his lips around his dick.

When the two finally kiss, Elder Foster’s dick gets completely hard. He has always wanted to kiss another boy but never dared to, and now here he is making out with the sexiest boy he has ever seen. Elder Miller pulls off Elder Foster’s garment top, and then forces him to play with his cock. Elder Foster is happy to do whatever his senior companion tells him to do. When Elder Miller tells him to, he pulls off his garment bottoms and takes his delicious, hard cock in his mouth. His mouth is watering and so Elder Miller’s dick is immediately soaking wet and tingling. Elder Foster has never sucked a cock before, but his eagerness makes up for whatever he lacks in experience. Elder Miller guides his head through the blow job with one hand. He doesn’t let the boy up for air. When he starts to feel like he’s on the edge, he flips the boy over on his back and goes down on his hard dick. Elder Foster closes his eyes and writhes on the bed, trying not to resist the intense waves of pleasure spreading through his body. Elder Miller’s hairy hole is high in the air as he works over his companion’s juicy cock. Elder Foster moans as Elder Miller tries to suck the cum up out of his balls.

The more he eats that dick, the more he wants to get in his tight hole. He knows his companion won’t say no. So when it’s good and hard, he wets his hole with some spit and climbs up on his dick. He sits down on it slowly, and it’s almost more than Elder Foster can take. As he lets his hole relax around the boy’s thick cock, he feels the cock throbbing. Finally, he has lowered himself all the way down on the cock and starts to bounce up and down. Elder Foster closes his eyes and holds onto his companion’s dick. Elder Miller takes charge, using the boy’s dick to please his own hole. And then Elder Foster starts to get into it, thrusting his virgin Mormon cock in his companion’s wet hole…

Elder Butler & President Woodruff   MISSIONARY CHECKUP

Elder Butler has a guilty secret, and he’s going to ask [More]

He can guess what the boy’s problem is, and he wants to make him feel safe and comfortable enough to confide in him. And Elder Butler does feel like he can trust the older man with his secret — a secret he’s never admitted to any leader. He asks President Woodruff if their conversation will be confidential, and the president reassures him that it will be, resting one of his big hands on the boy’s knee.

“For a long time I’ve been dealing with same-sex attraction and I haven’t had anyone to talk to about it…” The boy trails off, afraid of the man’s reaction. But President Woodruff smiles and takes it in stride. He tells the missionary that it’s very common, something that he himself has dealt with, and that there are some simple techniques that can relieve the tension the boy is feeling.

Elder Butler is relieved. Following the doctor’s instructions, he stands up and takes off his clothes. The president watches hungrily. He’s totally turned on by the boy’s skinny body showing through his garments. He can’t wait to get a look at the boy’s tight, virgin asshole. Now that he’s down to his underwear, the boy pauses. He has a boner, and he’s afraid of what the president will think. But the older man just smiles, grabs his hard dick and gives it a little shake.
“Looks like you do have same-sex attraction,” he jokes.

Elder Butler lies down on his back, unsure of what’s coming next. The doctor pulls out the cold, metal stirrups and has the boy place his feet in them. Then he peels off the boy’s underwear, revealing his hard cock. Stripped naked, the boy feels completely exposed. The doctor opens a drawer full of medical anal probes. He puts some lube on the boy’s butthole and then slides his finger in. The hole is really tight, and his finger elicits a surprised gasp, but Elder Butler doesn’t tell him to stop, so he fingers him harder, and then grabs the first, smallest probe. He slides it into the boy’s hole, and Elder Butler’s jaw drops. It hurts a little, but it feels amazing. He keeps his eyes on the doctor’s eyes as he works the probe in and out of his ass. The doctor puts a thumb just below the boy’s balls and
pushes gently. His balls bounce in response.

When the doctor puts a slightly larger probe in the boy’s butt, his hard dick jerks. He asks if it’s ok to touch his penis, and the doctor gives him permission. He strokes himself gently as the doctor pulls out the probe and grabs a third, even larger one. As he slowly pushes it deep into the boy’s ass, Elder Butler readjusts himself. He doesn’t
think it can go in, and then suddenly it’s inside him, filling up his ass. He aches with pleasure He can feel the cum building up in his balls and getting ready to explode.

The doctor works the probe around his ass a little longer, then pulls it out and reaches for another. He loves Elder Butler’s tight white body, and his willingness to take whatever is thrust upon him. The next probe is really thick, and the doctor isn’t gentle with it. He shoves it into the boy’s ass and then pounds him with it. He can see that the
boy is approaching orgasm, and he himself has a rock hard erection in
his pants.

The president grabs the final, biggest probe. It’s so big that few missionaries can take it. He shows it to Elder Butler and warns him that only a few boys have managed to sit on it. But Elder Butler wants to try. So the doctor works the hard head around the perimeter of his hole, and then slowly, steadily guides it up and in. As it enters
Elder Butler’s ass, the boy yanks hard on his dick, letting the pleasure loosen his hole to the probe. And then it’s buried in him up to the hilt. The boy tenses his asshole on it, feeling just how thick it is.

President Woodruff takes a vibrator from the drawer and starts to stimulate the boy’s stuffed hole. Elder Butler closes his eyes. He doesn’t know if he’s allowed to cum, but it’s irresistible now. He strokes his dick and focuses on the sensation in his hole. His whole body feels sensitized, and his face is flushed bright red. He looks at the president’s masculine face again, and then he shoots a big white load of semen onto the floor.

The doctor leaves the probe in for a few moments, letting the boy enjoy his comedown from the orgasm, and the he pulls it out of his gaping hole. He knows it can’t be long before he gets to slide his own throbbing cock up the boy’s ass.

He hands Elder Butler the probe. “In case you need it,” he says with a wink.

Elder Miller & President Wilcox   INTERVIEW PART 2

President Wilcox fucks a load out of Elder Miller during his [More]

The president starts to pound the boy’s ass hard. He wants to see how tough the kid is. And Elder Miller takes the beating on his hole without complaining. The harder the president fucks him, the better it feels. Precum is dripping from the head of the boy’s cock, which is too sensitive almost for him to touch.

The president bends over and kisses the boy on the back of the neck, and hugs his fit jock body tight. There’s not an ounce of fat on the boy. His whole body feels like steel. The president lifts the boy and flips him over on his back, his legs spread wide and thrown up in the air. He thrusts a few times and then, he brings the boy’s legs close together and throws them over his shoulder — and in the process he feels the boy’s hole cinch tight on his big cock. Elder Miller feels it too, his hole wrapped tight around the president’s meat. Both of them are moaning now, and the boy closes his eyes and opens his mouth, as if to relieve the enormous pressure on his asshole.

He locks eyes with the president, and can see both how excited he is and how solicitous of the boy’s own pleasure. Elder Miller starts to jerk his dick, his whole body shaking with every thrust. He has one hand on the edge of the ottoman to keep him from sliding off. The president is staring intently at the boy’s face, which is contorted with pleasure. He can tell that the boy is right on the edge of cuming, and he wants to watch the orgasm happen on the boy’s face. Elder Miller is stroking the bright red tip of his hard cock. Curled up like this, he can feel the man’s dick deep, deep inside him, and with every thrust the boy feels the orgasm threatening to burst. And then his whole body shudders as it happens. He looks down at his dick and watches it pump out a thick stream of hot white cum all over his flexed abs. The man is still fucking his hole as a feeling of total contentment and relaxation spreads over the boy’s face and body.

The president takes a handful of cum and anoints the boy’s forehead with it, then takes him in a bear hug and hungrily kisses him, his dick still hard deep in the boy’s happy ass.

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